Thursday, December 31, 2020

...and that's a wrap!

Thank goodness it's time to turn the page, the only difference between today and tomorrow is symbolic, or perhaps psychological, but so be it!

101 had another fun year, both on this page and on our 101 Facebook page (which is interactive). Thanks to all who took the time to send stories, fact and fiction. Let's make '21 even more interactive, there is no story too small, but we love the big stories!

Do you have '21 resolutions? Seems everyone wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity!

I'm happy for technology which allows me to dial twist all around the world, perhaps the universe. Growing up in East Tennessee I used to turn my radio knob at night and picked up WSB Atlanta, WAKY Louisville, WLS Chicago, even KMOX St. Louis! Awh, the good old days!

Did you know...WIVK radio was originally on Gay Street across from the Regas Restaurant. As many of you know my original career path was radio/TV (my degree is in Communications). Fate took me from platters to platters (radio to restaurants). I may be the only person to have worked for both Jim Dick and Bill Regas (Grady's Goodtimes for 13+ years).

Many still in radio tell me it's not the same, I get it, but...I still play DJ while driving in my car.

Here's wishing all a wonderful and virus free new year!

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Stay tuned, coming soon- the 2021 Living Legend Award!