Saturday, September 18, 2021

Here's a 101 Reload- originally posted on December 21, 2007~

From the 101 inbox...  

Gary Adkins...I stumbled onto your blog. It brought back some great memories. I started out doing weekends at W149 in 1971. I was at W149 until its demise in 1975 (or thereabouts), with 15Q throughout its brief (but memorable) history and with WOKI from 1977 until 1985. At various times I did morning drive, afternoon drive, middays, and was PD with W149 and WOKI. I have been practicing law in Knoxville since 1986. The biggest difference between being a lawyer and being a jock? Now I don't have to put on a long record when I want to go to the bathroom. I put on Free Bird to go to the bathroom so many times back in the day that I finally became conditioned like Pavlov's Dog. Now every time I hear Free Bird I immediately crap my pants. When I have some spare time I will share a few stories. Believe me...I have a few. Especially from W149.  

Mike Clark...Man I love this site! Yep, in '83 U-102 had been on the air for two years. I started out anchoring afternoon news in '81 (Colvin Idol did the morning news) but had moved to mornings by '83. It was really interesting: our studio was in Sevierville, on Middlecreek Road, but we had a sales office on Magnolia Avenue in Knoxville, where our street reporters (including news director Roger Hawkins) were headquartered. 

Bill Beason...A story about my friend Jim Wilson. He came to WRJZ from WCRK Morristown where he and I had worked together back in the early 70s. When Doc Fidler fired me in '83, Jim was very upset. I talked with Phil Hunt and Jim became AM Drive at KIX95. After I moved on Jim was convinced to rejoin Fidler doing afternoons at WOKI in late '83. Wilson went on to work in the Greenville, SC market. In 2004, while I was visiting Jim at his home, he fell about 30 feet head first onto his paved driveway. Today, Jim has very little memory of his time spent in radio. However, he does remember me and we get together from time to time. He does not have an email address or phone for obvious reasons...but I'm sure some of your readers will be interested to know Jim is slowly recovering and some memory is returning.  

Chad Austin...Just wanted to let you know that I emailed Doc (Shotgun) this morning to let him know that he has been mentioned on the "Ktown Radio History 101" site. I have managed to stay in touch with him for the past 22 years and we talk via email at least once or twice a week. I encouraged him to email you guys and share some of his memories from back when he was here in Knoxville at WOKI from 1984 to 1986. Hopefully you guys will hear from him. 

Don Lindsey...Well, THIS is fun! Just stumbled on KtownRadio and it's a pure pleasure. Seeing some names and remembering balky equipment I haven't thought about in more than one decade. Did Foulk mention he and Carl Williams are the two people most responsible for getting me the AAA job I've had for the last 30 years? I'll try to come up with an anecdote or two to share if you like. Like discovering the previously unknown paper cut on my finger when pouring liquid freon on a cloth to clean heads and rollers.Thank you for putting this together! WSEV 67-69/WBIR 70-77  

Dave Young...1983 was a great year. My oldest son was born on Jan. 3rd and I was working at am 850 WIVK.