Sunday, April 24, 2022

Steve Howard checks in regarding Tim Edwards and WMFJ...


WDAT 1380 (actually licensed to Ormond Beach) was the more prominent Top-40 for Daytona (plus they were 5kW) during the early and mid 70s, but they were a daytimer. WMFJ, at 1450, was an "old" Class-IV (1 kW/day, 250 W/night, non-D), so they got the audience after sunset.

Tim was followed 7-midnight by Kris Earl Phillips, who was probably WMFJ's most prominent jock by virtue of that situation. 
I was overnights at WRJZ when Tim (who had left Z before I got there in '80) was brought back in early '81 as PD to replace Fred Story. He and I chatted a lot, and he told me about his time at WMFJ.
I didn't personally remember hearing him there; I confessed to listening to Tommy Walker, who was on afternoons on WDAT opposite Tim.