Friday, July 15, 2022

Dan Bell says...

You never know where God is leading you. 
It was 9 years ago now, years ago, I thought I'd never go back on radio. I had been driving a charter bus, tour bus for nine years. 
I met Phil Jarnagin known as Uncle Phil on Merle FM. He said he had been a fan of The Sunday Survey Show I did for over ten years, 663 shows on WIVK. He suggested to his boss, Ron Meredith that I restart the show on Merle. My boss at the time couldn't understand why I wanted to be off from driving to be on the radio just 4 hours a week. 
It was on July 21, 2013 I did my first Sunday Survey on Merle FM. Eventually we moved it to Saturday so Merle could carry NASCAR on it became The Sunday Survey on Saturday. 
Then in 2016 Ron asked if I wanted to go back to work full time, as Music Director and afternoon deejay Praise 96.3.
It took less than one second for me to say "Yes". I think it was God's Plan to put Phil in my path... and I hope to follow His Plan every day. The Merle duties have ended, for now, but I'm glad to continue with Praise 96.3.