Friday, January 12, 2024

Remembering Dave...

When Dave was with WIVK and I was the Tennessee broadcast editor for The Associated Press, Dave would often call-in important stories to the wire (AP is a members-owned news cooperative). Sometimes, a member-supplied story would have "holes" in it- one of the "five Ws" wouldn't be adequately explained or some such. Often, it would take a follow-up call from the AP desk to a police department or an attorney to fill in the hole. Never was this the case with a story Dave phoned in. The who-what-when-where-why questions were firmly nailed down. What Dave gave us were clean, ear-friendly, listenable and very complete stories. He was a magnificent reporter. I also remember the way he used to often end our conversations. "Now y'all be good and don't fight!" (Randall Dickerson aka Possum Riley) 

Good morning, George. Hope you're doing well. Hated to hear about Dave Foulk passing. He was the consummate professional. My first radio job when I was 15 was the "Early Bird Show" from 5-6am at WBIR. At 6am "Your Date with Doc" came on with the legendary Doc Johnston and his producer, David Foulk. I just remember Dave's kindness and patience with this 15 year old kid with almost no radio experience. Shaped the way I approached my career in radio. Great broadcaster and even better man. RIP and thank you, Dave. (Randy Miller)

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