Thursday, May 23, 2024

(Bob Catron) Who remembers Bill "Beetle" Bailey on the all night show WIVK. As I can recall, it was his departure in 1970 that created the opening I was hired for. Someone told me (back then) that a brick was thrown through the front door one night while he was on the air. Another voice back then was Mike Hansen on midday WIVK. Again, if memory serves me well, it was when he went to WAPE Jacksonville, I moved to his day slot 10am to 1pm.

(Bill Jeffers) Bill Bailey was at WIVK when I came home from the Army in early 1968. We became friends and he took over my night shift when I left to work at WCAW in Charleston, WV. His real name was Bill Brabson, and he moved to Charleston and we worked together at WCAW. I lost track of him after he left there, but had a brief conversation with him sometime later. He had become a minister in the Church of Christ and I haven’t been able to find him since. It was Bobby Denton who left WIVK and went to WAPE in Jacksonville, around 1964 when WIVK adopted the country music format. He returned when I was drafted into the army in 1966. He took over my former afternoon drive show where he remained for years. Terry Womack came on board around that time and did the night shift for quite a while. Seems like he was there for over 20 years. My memory’s not that accurate anymore. I believe I’m the only one left out of the original WIVK country music personalities. Claude (the Cat) Tomlinson was early mornings, Mike Hanes was 9-Noon, Kenny Dearstone at noon, and me from 3-7 pm. That was when WIVK was daytime only, 1,000 watts at 860 am. When the FM came into existence in 1964, or ‘65, there were some shift changes made as 24-hour a day broadcasting began. I have many fond memories of that era. Hope this bit of info helps.

(Bob Catron) Terry was attending UT classes at some point in the mid to late 60s. Troy Rusty Keesee might know more about Terry's tenure. All I can remember clearly is that Terry replaced me on the all night show when I went to days. He was then dating the UT head majorette 'Cathy' is the name I remember. I moved away in 1976 but remember calling Terry after midnight around 1985 from Florida, where I've been since '81. To this day I still remember the "request line" number and the main number from then.