Monday, March 30, 2015

It's July 1980...

...and Randy Miller says  goodbye to Ktown!

Randy leaves afternoons at WNOX for morning drive at WRVQ-FM in Richmond VA!

Here's the new WNOX line up~

6  Eddie Rogers
10 Scott Majors
2  Phil Williams
6  Tom Michaels
10 Jim Donovan
2  James Maurice

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Up thru the fall of '77 WNOX still voiced many long term personalities including Eddy Roy, Dick Windstead, and Phil Williams.

In late September things changed as Eddy Roy exited after many years and a new PD was added, Kelly West, he joined from WXIL Parkersburg WVA and became afternoon DJ too!

WNOX was "The Famous 99" with Phil Williams as morning DJ, Russ Brown 10-3, West afternoons,  Sonny C 7p-12, and James Maurice overnights. Colvin Idol, Ron Ashburn, and David Henley anchored the news desk.

Before '77 ended Mike Beach was added to the line up as afternoon drive with West and Brown splitting middays!

The 101 Audio Vault features Kelly West~


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ed Rupp is known as "The Traffic Doctor"...the 101 Audio Vault features Dan Bell teaching Ed the WIVK control board and then Ed's first solo flight...


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Not everyone at WKGN was happy with the format switch from AOR to disco...the DJ on the air is named Jennifer~


Page 3...

Speaking of Jennifer, Jennifer Alexander is back on the air at Merle-FM, live nightly from 7p to midnight!

Monday, March 16, 2015

He's a huge part of Knoxville Radio History (101)...


(Knoxville, TN) -- In its second major announcement in less than a week, Merle 96.7 (WMYL/Knoxville) today announced the addition of Hall of Fame Program Director and Music Consultant Mike Hammond. “Mike brings four decades of country music knowledge and relationships from Nashville to Knoxville to Merle FM,” says Jack Ryan, Merle afternoon show host and station partner. “I’m pleased to have him available on a professional level as well as a personal one.”

In addition to the professional aspect of Hammond’s presence at the radio group, there’s a personal one: Mike is Jack’s father. “While Jack’s air name is Ryan, his last name is Hammond,” says Mike. We’re both excited to be working together again in this way.”

Hammond serves as the Knox County Criminal Court Clerk. "This is my focus each day, and I am proud of what our team has accomplished. Working with Merle on the weekends will be another extension of my public service as I work with artists and musicians to give them the chance to have their music heard on the radio."

"In my 40 year career in country radio, music has been my passion. The chance to hear new artists like Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift and see their careers go worldwide has been a source of pride to me. I hope to continue that tradition with Merle FM. Ron and Jack are passionate about the music and I look forward to working with them to bring not only new music from Nashville but music from our local artists as well." Hammond begins his new role April 1st.

Ron Meredith built Merle FM 96.7 in 2007. It is now the highest rated and most successful locally-owned radio station in the Knoxville market. With the addition of afternoon drive host now partner Jack Ryan in 2012 Merle FM accelerated the climb to the top of Knoxville’s Radio market. Now, with the addition of Ed Brantley last week and, Mike Hammond today the Merle FM staff will have more than 190 years of combined broadcasting experience and will work to become Knoxville’s number one radio station. 

“It is our goal to move Merle FM into the top spot in Knoxville radio.says Meredith. People the caliber of Ed Brantley and Mike Hammond combined with our already successful staff Jack Ryan, Dan Bell, Phil Jarnagin, Jennifer Alexander and a host of others, that goal may be attained much faster.

What's in a name?

As a five year old most have an imaginary friend...with a made up name. In radio we get to make up an on air name for real!

Some Ktown monikers~ (made up in their minds)-

Suitcase Simpson
'Possum Riley
Smokey Burns
John E Douglas
Jack Diamond
Kent Newton
Jeff Winters
Arch Bishop
Paul R Wells
Jack Ryan
Dick Winstead
Ernie the Bartender
Keith Lambert
Robin Beck
Barry Tucker
Jamie Rivers
Dr Don West

...on and on and on! got name?

Page 3...

5p 2day, another big announcement is coming your way on Jack Ryan's show at Merle-FM!

Friday, March 13, 2015

It was fairly normal to have a standard sign off as a DJ back in the day...Bobby Denton would close out with "put a little love in your heart darling, bye..."!

I created my own exit sentence, even heard another DJ use it once when signing off. I was in the car with Your Dave driving down Kingston Pike, we were dial twisting and caught the unnamed thief, ha. 


Page 3...

Say what? Yep, Merle-FM has another big announcement, this Monday at 5p. In case you missed it, Ed Brantley is joining the locally owned and operated country giant.

Happy Birthday to Bill Miller aka Suitcase Simpson!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ed Brantley Joins Merle-FM

Merle 96.7 (WMYL/Knoxville) today announced the addition of Ed Brantley. Ed brings four decades of leadership in East Tennessee radio and is a member of The Knox County Commission. Says Merle FM managing partner Ron Meredith, “We couldn’t be more pleased to have Ed Brantley at Merle FM. He has extensive experience and success in all aspects of country music radio and will help this company grow a great deal in every facet of our operation.”

“Merle FM is a high-quality operation from the ground up,” said Brantley. “Merle sounds great, and it keeps strong relationships within the community among both listeners and advertisers. I am excited to begin working with the staff using the knowledge, experience, and relationships formed over the years and help move Merle FM to the next level. I’m honored at the warm welcome here and ready to get started.”

Brantley’s opportunities at Merle will include consulting on all departments within the station including programming, community relations, and advertising sales. He was on the air at WIVK for 27 years, being voted #1 afternoon radio personality in America and later became its sales manager and general manager. He managed five stations overseeing a staff of more than one hundred with annual revenues of eight figures. He became General Manager and morning show host at WNOX where he dealt daily with the needs of the people of Knox County and East Tennessee. Ed started Coats for the Cold, and The Knoxville Award and has served United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service and others.

Merle FM 96.7 signed on in 2007. It is now the highest rated and most successful locally-owned radio station in the Knoxville market. With the addition of afternoon drive host now partner Jack Ryan in 2012 Merle FM accelerated the climb to the top of Knoxville’s Radio market. Now, with the addition of Ed Brantley, the Merle FM staff will have more than 150 years of combined broadcasting experience and will work to become Knoxville’s number one radio station. Merle FM was nominated Station of The Year by The Academy of Country Music in 2012 along with Jack Ryan as Air Personality of The Year. Its Big D and Bubba morning show recently won Air Personality of The Year and will receive its award next month in Dallas at The ACM Awards Show.  

Meredith also owns WYSH AM 1380/FM 101.1 in Clinton. WYSH is Anderson County’s top-rated radio station, reaching half-again more Anderson Countians than the next highest rated Knoxville station. He has hosted WYSH’s Country Club Morning Show for over 25 years of that station’s 55 year history. Ron is an active supporter of Anderson County and its public initiatives as part of his role as owner of WYSH. He was a key supporter of Stan Brock’s Remote Area Medical efforts in the area.

“I’ve been blessed,” says Meredith on the station format he designed, “There are a lot of people that like Blake Shelton but still want to hear Willie Nelson. They tune in.  They like what they hear, and they stay. I’m honored that so many great people want to be a part of it.”

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wednesday @ 5p...WMYL!

Tune in Wednesday at 5p to MERLE-FM for a big's on the Jack Ryan Show!!!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Robin Huff was a true rock jock back in the 70's at WNOX, under the moniker "The Aardvark". During his second tenure at The Big 99 he used the on air name Scott Majors (same at WIVK).

The 101 Audio Vault features Robin~


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I mostly remember Your Dave for two of his shows...on WKGN he hosted The Dave Young Morning Show, and he succeeded Bobby Denton as afternoon DJ at WIVK~

The 101 Audio Vault features YDY...


Monday, March 02, 2015

The Comish

Happy Birthday wishes yesterday to Bob Thomas!

Bob is now a Knox commissioner but is best known as a long time fixture on the radio in Knoxville. 

If memory serves me Bob worked at WBIR, WKGN, 15Q, of course decades as midday DJ on WIVK, and finally as cohost in the morning on the Ed and Bob or was it Bob and Ed on WNOX FM 100.

The 101 Audio Vault dusts Bob off from his early years as a weekend DJ on WIVK~


Friday, February 27, 2015

Every now and then a dial position would attempt to do battle for the country audience with WIVK, and back in 1978 it was WBIR-FM (which became WIMZ).

James Freeman was morning drive with Bill Page middays, afternoons were anchored by Mark Mabry...Celeste, The Mulls, and Mike Johnson were also on the air.

The 101 Audio Vault features the big pipes of Mark Mabry~