Sunday, September 14, 2014

From the 101 InBox...

George,  Enjoy your Radio 101 Blog -- Grew up listing to Knoxville radio while living in Oak Ridge.

I remember you at WIVK, even attended a bluegrass concert at Knoxville Auditorium which you hosted with the Knoxville Grass and McPeak Brothers.

Just have a curious question.  I worked many years at Y-12 in Oak Ridge as a statistician and remember working with a guy named Spears Vavalides -- I always wondered if he may have been kin to you, he was old enough to have probably been your dad. 

(Earl Nall)

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Yes my Dad was Spears, my son is Spears too (2)!

Back in the late 70's Jimmy Vineyard and I MC'd several "Bluegrass on Parade" concerts...

Happy Birthday to 101 radio legend Mike Hammond!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

"George, I thank you for the honor of having the wall of fame named for me. You do a good job and it's nice to see all the old memories" (Your Dave Young)

"George, looked over all of the WOF inductees this morning and loved it. I worked with several of these folks, others were "worthy adversaries", all are deserving. I was especially happy to see Sonny Knight among the most recent inductees. He was a prince of a guy who left us too soon. Eddie Beacon (yo' swingin' deacon) was among the best Top 40 night jocks ever. Of course, Dr Al Adams and his friend/nemesis Willard Duck were the original Duck Dynasty. Keep up the good work." (Paul Randall Dickerson aka Possum Riley)

Thiiiiiiiis is Paul Oscar Anderson...

Thanks to Chris Stubblefield for this classic pamphlet of POA on KOL radio.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Thanks for all the cards and letters (emails) regarding our wonderful 2015 YDY 101 WOF selections!!!

Do you remember when radio was all live and all local? It's now been a few years since the rug was pulled from under the legs of Jack Ryan as night time DJ at WIVK. Jack and Hoss handled an 11 hour block of radio brilliance at the frog from 7p-6a but were replaced with syndicated programming. That overall trend continues in our transistor world!

Before Hoss, the overnight WIVK airwaves was handled by the "midnight rider" Terry Womack. Terry joins our YDY 101 WOF, here he is in the 101 Audio Vault...


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Hoss (Ron Cantwell) can be heard daily on sister stations WMTN mornings and WCRK afternoons!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Your Dave Young 2015 101 Wall of Fame...

101 turns seven years old today (that's 4 jobs in a DJs career, ha) Thanks to everyone for reading, writing, and opining about Knoxville's radio history, it is rich indeed! 

Since we debuted on this date in 2007 under the cloak of Anon E Mouse we have had over 178,000 unique viewers to our blog, thank you! 

Thru the years we have had thousands of contributors reliving and sharing their radio stories, we have dusted off the long lost 101 Audio Vault and have enjoyed the sounds that boomed thru our transistor radios, we have shared photographs and memories of DJs, control rooms, and those great old radio stickers.

101 has also sadly said goodbye to some of the legends... 

Keeping up with the Jones (is that Milton's family?) we added a Facebook page which allows for 101% interaction and contributions, join today! Our 101 blog and our 101 Facebook page are similar, but more so are fraternal twins! 

In recognition of the legends we created our own version of a radio hall of fame...celebrating the life and times of those in front of and behind the microphones~ owners, PDs, disc jockeys, engineers, and more! 

This year we officially named our hall the "Your Dave Young 101 Wall of Fame" in recognition of Dave's incredible contribution to the landscape of our East Tennessee airwaves, thanks YDY!!! 

Introducing the 2015 "YDY 101 WOF"~ 

Bob Kesling
Bob Thomas 
Dave Foulk 
Ed Dodson 
Gary Adkins 
Hallerin Hilton Hill 
Kerry Lambert
Lindsey Nelson 
Sonny Knight 
Terry Womack

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Go Vols beat Arkansas State

Happy Saturday...tomorrow marks the 7 year anniversary of our blog and we will be announcing the "Your Dave Young 101 Wall of Fame" class of 2015! 

Recently the 101 Audio Vault has been playing in the year 1978. Over at WNOX 990 the station was programmed by Scooter McLeod, he also worked the 6p-9 on air shift.


Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy September

Remember this guy...John Boy Isley on WRJZ, he was electric~ (101 Audio Vault)


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thanks to Jerry Howell for this photo, circa~ 1983 at WNOX! Your Dave Young, Crystal Gayle, and Jerry.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Remembering Les Acree~

Paul Lyle shares memories of Les with 101...

Former PD at WIVK. WKDA Nashville, WMC Memphis and numerous other stations. Helped Kenny Chesney immensely. Inducted last year into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. Great guy that I worked with at WKDA. Knew every record guy in six states. Big Vol Fan.

I was a sales person at WKDA and Les grabbed me one day and said, “Don’t you have a four door car?” I replied yes I did. “I need you to drive to lunch today. We’re picking up a record guy and he’s got this new singer with him we’re playing her record. Can you drive and you can have lunch with us.”  I said of course sound great. So Les and I drove over to Music Row and the record guy and girl came out and jumped in the back seat. I turned around and she stuck out her hand and said “HiDee I’m Reba McIntyre.” I said Welcome to Nashville and we had lunch. I wonder if she ever made it!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

NEWZ from 101 Ace Reporter Johnny Pirkle~

This image was posted as "WIVK Gang", but I recognized many of the folks as local musicians and investigated. I looked up (ran into actually) bass virtuoso Ray Rose (the guy in the spectacles in the center), who gave me this partial roster. Front- Corall Sands, Program Director Mike Hanes and an unidentified woman. Standing- Curtis Young (later to be in the Jordanaires) Bill "Stoney" Stonecipher, Joe Ridings, fiddler Jerry Moore, Rose, Bob Robertson, Fred Smith (of Red & Fred fame), Frank Robert, guitarist Bruce (last name forgotten), an unidentified fellow, and Jim McGinnis. This crew was on their to a gig at Brushy Mountain Prison when someone took this shot. It is not known how many returned!!

Page 3...Happy Birthday to Ron Cantwell aka Hoss!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Radio Guys Go TV (and more!)...

Bob Kesling and Scott Sams both go way back with 101...

I met Scott Sams in the summer of '76 when he stopped by WBLC in Lenoir City where I was a DJ, he had worked there the year before. We went on to be fast friends. Scott became a sports and news anchor on the telly, first in Ktown and then for decades in Dallas. Scott was the Vols Pride of Southland PA announcer for years.

When I joined WIVK as a weekend DJ in the fall of '76, Bob was a sports reporter and anchor, and he drove a classic or vintage beat up green car. Bob went on to TV land at WBIR and the rest is Big Orange history...


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Gary Adkins..."Bring on The Brothers"

Only one week until "It's football time in Tennessee", and the debut of Jeff Jarnigan behind the PA!

Today the 101 Audio Vault features Bad Leroy Brown on WOKI~


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Get well wishes to Your Dave Young!

Friday, August 22, 2014

We dust of the 101 Audio Vault and travel to circa '76 and the WIVK news room...Rod Townsend and Jean Ash!


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Still time to vote for your 5 nominees for the "YDY 2015 WOF"!!! Send your picks to!