Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

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Congrats~ Bobby Denton has been named a member of the "Country Radio Hall Of Fame"

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Big Money Hi-Lo

Eddie Beacon was squeezed in between morning DJ Dr. Don West and afternoons via Jessica James  on 62 WRJZ. His show was action packed...callers talked with a Chicago psychic, he had a dating game, and he gave away cash!

The 101 Audio Vault swings back to 1982~

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Mrs. James A. Dick, matriarch of Dick Broadcasting, passed away this week. May her memory be eternal!

Saturday, February 09, 2019 his own words~

Chris Hampton was asked "if you had to do it all over again, what station would you pick?"

"That's a toughie! WKGN in Knoxville where I broke out of my hometown comfort zone and began to be one of those guys I used to look at and want to be. I really took charge and within a year and a half I got the promotion to Program Director at WBSR. Those were wonderful days as I took what I learned from really good PDs as well as what I had learned from some not so good PDs as well and melded that knowledge with what kind of PD I wanted to be. You weren't there in the 80's for the WOWW107 days. All three of those stations were milestones for me filled with great people and great times, but I would go with WOWW. It was a tremendous experience with great people and the best GM I ever worked with. I also, finally, found out that I could indeed be a morning man. It was part of the job as PD there, so I had no choice. Its like I said, it's a hard choice and there are other stations that are dear to me as well, starting with WMOC where I started in 1964. WDXB where I learned so much other than just being a jock. You had to do production, news, public appearances, anything and everything involved in programming. I was lucky to work for some great stations but WKGN, WBSR, and WOWW are my top three and WOWW gets the nod as the best period in my career. It was top shelf all the way!"

Chris's Career...


Friday, February 08, 2019

101 is sad to report that Chris Hampton (Bud Mayes) passed away today. Chris was a long time DJ with Mooney Broadcasting and is a member of the 101 Wall of Fame!

Thanks to Alan Sneed for this info...Alan and Chris were high school classmates at Brainerd in Chattanooga.

May his memory be eternal!


They're Back! The former WIVK morning team of Darren Wilhite and Tim Wall is now entertaining Ktown weekday mornings 5-9a on Merle-FM!

Wilhite and Wall are also nominated for DJs of the Year via the ACM!

If you live outside of East Tennessee, the TuneIn Radio app is a good way to dial twist in to the W/W show!

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Rock 104

It's 1982 and WIMZ housed some great DJs including PD Keith Lambert, Mike Beach, Phil Williams, even Arch Bishop for a period of time. The 101 Audio Vault features Kim Mayo...

Saturday, February 02, 2019

The 101 Audio Vault travels to U102 and the iconic voices of Mike Clark and CP (Curtis Parham)...

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Back in '82 WRJZ 620 played country music...who didn't that year, ha! Some great personalities were heard...Dr Don West aka Steve West from 15Q, Eddie Beacon, Bill Beason, mE, Jessica James, Bob Ziegler, Brad Schultz, Ernie Baker, David Henley, Ron Sprowl, Jim Wilson, Jim Montgomery, John Dalton and- this gentleman anchored the all night show~ Martin Baker via the 101 Audio Vault!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Friday was Jamey Kerr's birthday...he would have been 59!

Monday, January 21, 2019

WIVK AM 850 was a 50000 watts station, but daytime only. The 101 Audio Vault features Jimmy Vineyard and the nightly sign off...

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Thanks to Scott Black for sending this article...America today needs more WMDR radio stations! Some bigly names here- Walker Johnson, Ernie Baker, Becky Lynn, Ted Ousley aka Gunner and many more!

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Ron Ashburn~ WNOX 990

What a voice! (Mike Clark)

And what a genuinely nice guy. I toured The Mighty Fine 99 in 1975 and met the aging Ron. He quizzed me about my studies at UTK, and gave me encouragement. He was truly a noble gentleman to me. (Steve Howard)

I met him once when Beach was doing afternoons at WNOX. He was indeed a very nice guy. I believe he was the guy who did a tag for a national cigarette spot, maybe Pall Mall: "and they are mild." (Mike Clark)

I had the honor, privilege and pleasure of working with Mr. Ashburn when I was doing overnights at the historic 990 WNOX. He would come in early morning to prepare for his news broadcast and he would share memories of his early days in radio and WNOX. I'll never forget my time with a great person who had great pipes. (James Slick Maurice)

This made my day...what a super guy! (Phil Williams)

Monday, January 07, 2019

101 received the WIBK FCC filing from Brian Doulgas, thanks! Via our 101 Facebook archives...Chris Huff had posted in 2013 (below)...

Before there was WIVK, there was WIBK. The station went on the air on July 11, 1947 at 800kHz. The station was owned and operated by Rev J Harold Smith, who was later found by the FCC to have misrepresented the facts when the license was granted. Among other things, the FCC found he had invested $100,000 in a Mexican border station. They additionally found that his on-air sermons and preaching were "intemperate" and that he was an expert at "vituperation and vilification". The FCC moved to revoke his license in 1949 and numerous legal proceedings followed. When the Supreme Court refused to hear the case in 1952, WIBK was effectively forced to shut down. The station last broadcast in November 1952. When WKXV signed on the following February, they leased out the studio spaced that had been occupied by WIBK. And of course, a very similar sounding (and totally unrelated) set of call letters (WIVK) hit the air just up the dial the following March.