Monday, July 06, 2015

101 travels back to June 1981...

6 John E Douglas
10 Gary Beach
2 Bill Evans
6 Tom Michaels
10 Jim Donovan
2 James Maurice

6 Tony Perry
9 Mike Stewart
12 Dan Collett
3 Joe Grant
7 Debbie Carroll
12 Dave Brownell

6 Dr Dave Dunaway
10 Bill Burkett
12 Tom Van Hart
4 Phil Williams
8 Mick St John
12 Phil Jarnagin

6 CP and Walker
10 Adele
3 Tim Edwards
7 Jeff Jarnigan
12 Steve Howard

6 Mike Beverly
10 Chuck Edwards
2 Rich Randle
6 Fast Eddie
10 Lynn Wright
2 Larry Coffey

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Chris Lash's WKCE-AM (TRUE OLDIES 1120) is flipping to all news today as 1120 NEWS NOW.

The station will use ABC NEWS RADIO and local news anchored by Chris Lash, Bob Yarborough, and Seth Sokes, weather by Matt Hinkin, Pete Michaels with traffic, and sports from sister Sports WVLZ "1180 THE VLZ".

The format is the brainchild of consultant Tony Richards and has been put together by Chris. "I feel its a great move for us, as music on AM radio continues to dwindle. In 15 minutes we'll give you everything you need to know including national, state and local news. And we'll drive it with billboards in the South Knoxville and Tri County areas around Seymour",  said Lash.

Page 3...

Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Would you believe...

...on August 1 Billy Kidd celebrates 25 years on the air at WIMZ!!!

While call letters and formats come and go in Ktown, Classic Rock 103.5 WIMZ has been a steady eddy since the late 70's!

Those early years featured Kerry Lambert as PD, Mike Beach and Phil Williams teaming up in the morning, Colvin Idol with his booming voice handling news, Carson Cooper, Kim Mayo, etc!!!

Flash forward to 2015~

6-10 John Boy and Billy
10-2 Big R
2-6 Billy Kidd
6-11 Jay Mac
11-5 Nik Carter

Before the switch of call letters to WIMZ, the new rock format called itself WBIR "We Believe In Rock".

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Do you have any knowledge of where Nelson Park went after WNOX? He was the news announcer at the same time J Worthington Smith was at WNOX!
I worked briefly at WKGN with news director Joe Anderson and did afternoon drive for Mike Beach.
I had worked at WCRK in Morristown, Phil Michaels left WCRK to work at WKGN and I followed a few months later. I competed against Scott Sams and after my audition I was chosen for afternoon drive news with Mike. Joe gave me the name of Steven Ray King.
(Mike Kenner)

2maro...Vols go Nike!!! 


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Back in the mid 70's the 103.5 dial position was competing against WIVK for the country music audience...tons of big names came thru WBIR-FM including Big Jim Hess (...a WIVK original from 1953), Bill Page, Kathy Hill, Mark Mabry, Mike Johnson, Celeste, Tony Eubanks, etc. and the list goes on!

The 101 Audio Vault features John Scott~


Friday, June 19, 2015

101 heard from Bob Catron~

"I was looking for an old workmate at WIVK, Ronnie Campbell. In the past could never find a thread. Found this today. I always wondered where life took him. Ronnie did the evening show from 7 to midnight for a while, relieving Bobby Denton. This was before Jimmy Vineyard took that slot upon Ronnie's leaving. Nice, quiet man who enjoyed doing his 'Big Music' hour from 11pm to midnight, when he slowed down the pace and played the likes of Ray Price, who Ronnie referred to as "The Old Smoothie". Sorry we didn't cross paths again years in peace, Ron."

The Liberty Obit-

Ronnie Harold Campbell, 70, died Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at Alive Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee.  Born in Belton, South Carolina he was a son of the late Harold E. and Sara Lollis Campbell. Ronnie graduated from Richmond Academy in Augusta, Georgia. He was currently the Broadcast Information Officer for the Tennessee House of Representatives. 

Ron's love for radio began at an early age when he would listen to a little Philco radio as a young boy at his home in Anderson County, SC. As a teenager, he kept his love for radio. He began his career in radio by filing records for WVVQ in Augusta, GA.  With his great radio voice he didn't file records for long.  He was quickly hired as a radio announcer. He moved on to WMSJ (now WRGS) in Sylvia, NC and then to WJES in Johnston, SC. From there he moved to Taylorsville, NC where he announced for WTLK for many years.

In the late 1960's and early 70's he was announcer from 7 to midnight at WIVK in Knoxville, TN. He was also master of ceremonies for the WIVK Shindig Shows. When Ron left WIVK, he went to Waynesboro, TN with the Grand Ole' Opry star, the late Ernie Ashworth, in 1980.  In 1988 he went to work for the Tennessee House of Representatives as Broadcast Information Officer where he was still employed. He continued his work with radio by sending out news reports to radio stations throughout Tennessee.

For the past 19 years Ron has hosted the "Old Time Gospel Singing" TV Show out of Nashville and has hosted numerous live gospel and country music shows.  He has also written a book about his early childhood years growing in Upstate SC called "The Old County: Another Place, Another Time.

Ron was inducted into the Rockabilly DJ Hall of Fame, located in Jackson, TN. He was also given an honorary doctorate for music evangelism and a doctorate of sacred music from Emmanuel Baptist University in York, PA.  He was also honored by the Tennessee House of Representatives with a house resolution for accomplishments in the industry. Music City Gospel Showcase honored Ron with the Pioneer Award for Gospel Music.

Page 3~

To err is human...the previous 101 Audio Vault that we ID'd as Jack Ryan in not Jack, any idea who it might be, the air check is from early '87 on WIVK!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Like Father, Like Son!

Our last post featured Mike Hammond, today the 101 Audio Vault includes Jack Ryan on WIVK, circa~ 1987!


Friday, June 12, 2015

101 travels to the spring of '87...

WNOX was 990 on the AM dial and played country with Eddie Beacon and Joe Grant as part of their DJ line up!

Dyron Dix was a star for the Vols basketball team coached by Don Devoe!

Jeff Jarnigan was afternoon drive at U-102!

David Hartman exited the GMA anchor chair in February!

Tennessee's Howard Baker was Reagan's Chief of Staff!

...and WIVK was into big give aways! The 101 Audio Vault features Mike Hammond~


Friday, June 05, 2015

101 Reload...posted on 6/29/12~

***Every now and then 101 will repost a previous entry, this is a MERLE announcement from 2012, I listened in that week, what a fun way to celebrate a DJ on vacation and the 4th of July!


Knoxville, TN -- Merle 96.7 station owner Ron Meredith announced today that, as vacation fill-in for Uncle Phil (Phil Jarnagin) the week of July 2, five of Knoxville’s legendary radio announcers will fill in on the 10am to 3pm airshift. “Phil and I were discussing his vacation relief recently and came up with a wish list of people we would love to have on Merle.” Said Meredith, “We quickly named more than half a dozen people who would be great for the job. It became obvious that the best solution was to ask one each day.” Scheduled to do the midday show next week are:

--Dan Bell, Monday July 2. With a radio career spanning more than 40 years, Bell was ‘The Eye in The Sky’ and hosted the Sunday Survey show on WIVK. He also hosted a radio show on Dolly’s radio station at Dollywood for ten years. Dan is proud that he kept personal contact with many of the country artists he played on his radio shows, and talked about the behind-the-scenes information that, in those days, could only be found by picking up the phone and talking directly with an artist.

--Brother Clay, Tuesday July 3. Clay served his country in Vietnam, is a graduate of The University of Tennessee, and was Music Director of W-149, Knoxville’s first progressive rock radio station. He has worked in major radio markets around the country including Atlanta, Denver, Houston, and Miami. While in Houston, he was credited as the first DJ to introduce The Police’s ‘Roxanne’ to The U.S. In addition to W-149, Brother Clay has worked in Knoxville at WKGN and I-100.

--Your Dave Young, Wednesday July 4. Dave started his radio career at WBNT in Oneida and shortly thereafter made the transition to Knoxville, working at The Big 99 WNOX in 1968, moving to WKGN in 1973. In 1975 he joined WIVK, where he created the frog mascot, worked middays and afternoon, and fill-in for Claude Tomlinson.

--Walker Johnson, Thursday July 5. Walker Johnson started in radio at WGAP in Maryville in 1970. Over the next 32 years Walker worked at various stations in Knoxville and when the one he was working for in 1975 was sold, the morning man, Curtis Parham talked the new owners into keeping himself and Walker. The CP and Walker Show became Knoxville’s top rated morning show on the new station, WRJZ. WGAP is now owned by Ron Meredith and is a sister station of Merle 96.7

--Bill Miller aka Suitcase Simpson, Friday July 6. Bill has enjoyed a long radio career with WIVK, U102, and other Knoxville stations. His resume includes successful stints at top rated stations in Chattanooga, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Oklahoma City, and Tampa Bay. He currently produces and hosts the ''Bluegrass Gospel USA!'' show for stations in New Zealand and the USA, including Merle FM sister stations WYSH and WGAP.

“Merle 96.7 not only plays current country songs,” says Meredith, “we also find ourselves in the fortunate position of being the only Knoxville country music FM that plays Willie, Waylon, Hank, and George Jones every day. We’ve worked hard to build Merle into a great sounding station. With the addition this year of 2009 CMA Radio Personality of the Year Jack Ryan, many thousands of more listeners have tuned in. They like what they’re hearing, and they’re sticking with us. 2012 is turning out to be a record year for Merle FM, and next week’s guest announcers are giving this staff five more reasons to be eager to come to work every day.”

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

101 travels to the fall of 1976!

Over in "The Queen City" (Charlotte) former WKGN DJ Smokey Burns was the morning DJ at WAYS as Murphy in the morning! Scott Slade was afternoon drive.

The prominent AM stations in Ktown were WETE 620, WIVK 850, WNOX 990, WBIR 1240, WKGN 1340, and WKVQ 1490.

Dick Broadcasting included stations in Knoxville and Nashville (WKDA).

Paul Oscar Anderson and his booming pipes were heard delivering the news at WNOX.

Jimmy Carter defeated President Gerald Ford and became POTUS.

...Ron Wright, Ron Fuller, and Jimmy Golden were big wrestling names in East Tennessee!

And I was a frosh at UT and weekend DJ at WIVK, where were you?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

WBIR-FM 103.5 had a good run as a country competitor back in the mid/late 70's!

The 101 Audio Vault features John Scott~


Saturday, May 16, 2015

...from the 101 Facebook page~

What has happened to the radio we once knew?

Many radio stations have been experiencing tough times lately. Some would ask, are they on suicide mission?

In order to survive in an era that provides the audience with a plethora listening options, radio must return to its local roots, for being local is key to their survival.

But, with few exceptions, too many stations today aren't local at all. They opt instead for out-of-town voice tracking, fail to participate in community affairs and have all but abolished local news.

In short, stations have written off the citizens of the towns they should be serving...and now citizens are returning the favor.

Radio stations are letting streaming services eat their lunch and radio stations are slowly starving to death.

By Doug Hullander