Sunday, March 26, 2017

John Boy and Billy are a famous morning DJ duo, syndicated throughout planet earth! Back in the day, John Boy honed his radio skills working as the night time DJ at 62 WRJZ~


Sunday, March 19, 2017

JJ Scott was a WRJZ original...great DJ and great production guru. The 101 Audio Vault travels back to 62~


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"Just out of curiosity, any idea whatever happened to J Worthington Smith? I remember him (or someone with the same name) in Greenville SC." (Joel Rogers)

Monday, March 06, 2017

WIVK "swag" via Darren Wilhite. He and Tim Wall were the morning team there for seven years succeeding Claude Tomlinson.

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Birthday wishes on March 5 to Bill Beason! Bill is a Ktown legend having worked on many Knoxville dial positions. While a morning DJ in Nashville Bill used the on air name "Buzz Daily"!

Happy Burfday on March 3 to Bob Thomas~ the mayor to be!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Let's "Kirk" it up a notch!

Continuing with our look back at WRJZ 1979...Rick Kirk via the 101 Audio Vault~

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Happy Birthday to (future Knox County Mayor) Bob Thomas!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

101 presents the life and times of 62 WRJZ!

Sitting all the way down on the left side of the AM dial, this was a premier broadcast station for it's less than decade existence as a Top 40 station.

John Boy, JJ Scott, Tim Edwards, Ernie Baker, Adele, Jeff Jarnigan, etc. and the morning duo of CP and Walker provided a very personality oriented sound!

We kick off our look back of WRJZ with CP and Walker~


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Bean Counters 1 Common Sense 0

Mickey Dearstone is out as morning host and programmer at Sports Radio WNML!

I left Knoxville 30 years ago, but dial twist everyday listening to all the shows on WNML.

Mickey and his Dad Kenny are life long fixtures at WIVK/WNML.

Mickey will continue as PBP announcer for the Lady Vols! mornings will never be the same!

Heavy Chevy Trivia!

Back in the mid 70's Dr. Al Adams was programming WKGN 1340 and the station was playing "the good old songs".

Mike Beach, Frank Erwin, Rick Davis, etc. manned the air patrol. On the weekends David Todd was a DJ.

Here's David via The 101 Audio Vault...


Friday, February 03, 2017

...on my birthday~

It's the spring of 1976, I was a senior at Bearden, I had passed my 3rd class radio license test, I was a weekend DJ at WBLC Lenoir City, I was getting ready to start at UT...and my goal was to crack the Greek ceiling and become a disc jockey in Knoxville.

By fate, the day I stopped in to WIVK to drop off my air check, Your Dave Young, was filing in for Bobby Denton. The receptionist actually allowed me to go back to the control room and drop off my stuff to YDY as I had briefly met him while he worked at WKGN (I was part of the Junior Achievement program there).

Your Dave came thru...I was hired a few months later by Booby, not 101% sure of the back story, but I believe Your Dave's influence landed me 5 years at WIVK and The Music of America!

Here's Dave via The 101 Audio Vault~


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Back in the mid 70's WNOX 990 featured some huge Ktown radio names such as Eddy Roy, Phil Williams, and Dick Winstead.

Winstead went on to lead the disco revolution as Disco Dick, spinning the hits at Flanigan's Cabernet in West Knoxville!

The 101 Audio Vault features Dick~


Sunday, January 22, 2017

101 travels to the summer of 1980...

WNOX 990
6  Eddie Rogers
10 Phil Williams
2  Randy Miller
6  Scott Majors
10 Tom Michaels
2  James Maurice

Miller exits in late July, Jim Donovan is added to the line up with Phil Williams moving to afternoon drive.

WRJZ 620
6  CP and Walker
10 Bob Kaghan
12 Adele
4  JJ Scott
7  Fred Story
12 Jeff Jarnigan

Kaghan exits in late June for WBCY Charlotte, JJ Scott becomes Operation Manager and Fred Story PD.

6  Michael Henry Martin
10 Gary Adkins
12 Joe Blackmon
3  Mike Beverly
7 Brother John St John
12 The Brothers

Monday, January 16, 2017

I've remembered that I have a Bob Kaghan story! I never worked for the late "Boy Wonder" first PD of WRJZ. I was hired by Fred Story for overnights after Bob (and John-Boy) left for Charlotte...but I knew him. He was only a couple of years older than I, and died far too soon. And his talent is legendary. It was Fall 1980. I was in my last year of Electrical Engineering school at UTK (6-year plan, as I had to pay my own way). I drove a green 1974 Plymouth Gold Duster with black vinyl roof and 3-on-the-floor. The car is key to the story. I had come in to WRJZ to run board for Vol-Network coverage of GA at UT. Best I recall, pregame came on at 11:30 am for a 1-pm kickoff. I do remember that I relieved Adele at the board when I came on. About 15 minutes into pregame, I heard a sound behind me. We were on the 4th floor at 1515 Magnolia, and the door to the control room was in front of me to the left. Nothing but a wall of carted oldies and 2 windows lay behind me. I heard it again. Something had hit the window! I looked out, and what do I see but Bob Kaghan, alone, standing on the lawn of the Knoxville Computer Center building. I asked him WTH? He had ridden "the Greyhound" from Charlotte, and was tossing rocks up 4 stories to the CR window. He needed a lift to the game. I tossed down my keys and he came up. I asked if he could drive a stick. He could. I told him to take my car to the game (not like I needed it till 7 pm!), just don't get it towed. He laughed and said he wouldn't. About the time postgame ended, he showed back up, muttering "f*ckin' Dawgs eat sh*t" again and again. The Vols had lost pretty mightily that day. He stayed till 7 and bought my dinner at Ramsey's Cafeteria (some good eatin'!), then I drove him to the Greyhound bus terminal for his ride back to Charlotte and his job at WBCY. I never saw Kaghan again. But what a great guy he was. I'm glad I have that story to tell about him. I'd love to hear more Kaghan stories. Better yet, I'd love to read a biography about him. Is there one?

Steve Howard via our 101 Facebook page

Monday, January 09, 2017

In early 1980 Mike Beach became the morning DJ at Rock 104 (WBIR aka WIMZ)...also on board were Kim Mayo, Kerry Lambert (PD), and Carson Cooper.

The Ktown ratings at that time showed WIVK-FM on top with a 20.9 share (plus the AM was at 8.5). In 2nd place was WEZK with a 16.4, followed by WNOX 11.9, WRJZ 9.9, WIVK-AM, WOKI 7.7, and WBIR-FM (which had just recently launched) at 6.3.

101 heard from Mike Beach~

WIMZ was born in the old WBIR studios I was the morning man and one day after the shift, I stopped by to get my production load for the day and headed toward the production room. I noticed the light going on then off and had no idea who could be in there at that time of the morning. When the light went off, I opened the door to find the legend Lindsey Nelson sitting at the console. As most of you know, Lindsey was the voice of Notre Dame for many many years. He was at WBIR cutting some promos for that weekends game...on an old reel to reel tape recorder! What a shocker and what a great pleasure it was to meet and spend a half hour with one of Knoxville's TRUE legends. I will never forget that day and the kindness of one of the great play by play men of all time. Lindsey Nelson...