Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Knoxville radio history is made daily!

Did you know Rick Kirk is still on the radio in Knoxville?

Rick was part of the original air team at WRJZ The New 62 back in 1976.

Rick can be heard weekends on B 97.5!

The station mantra is "Today's Hits & All Your Favorites".

530-10 Ashley, Brad & Michele

10-3 Valerie Anderton

3-7 Shane Cox

7-12 Delilah

12-6 John Tesh

I'm listening right now via the TuneIn Radio app! The station's calls are WJXB.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

101 travels to the fall of 1985... 

The CBS Morning News anchors were Forest Sawyer, Maria Shriver, Faith Daniels, and Steve Baskerville.

The Vols beat #1 ranked Auburn 38-20!

Drive timers at WOKI-FM were Ron Harper (AM) and Jeff Jarnigan (PM).

Eddie Beacon and Bill Beason worked together at WNOX 990.

In October Curtis Parham and Jeff Jarnigan joined WMYU 102.1.

Chuck Tanner is hired to manage the '86 Braves. (Bobby Cox joined soon thereafter as GM)

The World Series pitted Royals versus Cardinals! ABC announcers were Al Michaels, Jim Palmer and Tim McCarver.

Claude Tomlinson along with Lester Longmire and Mr Schultz were still #1 in the morning on WIVK.

Where were you in the fall of '85?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Here's a classic photo...from Fulton High School (1977). Jeff Jarnigan and Dr Al Adams!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's the summer of '74...

As June kicked off long time WKGN PD Bob Baron left for WCFL Chicago and Kent Newton (Tom Kent) moved across state to WHBQ in Memphis.

WKGN 1340~ 6-10 Wayne Bernard 10-3 Jeff Stevens 3-7 Frank Erwin 7-12 Dave Young 12-6 Todd Martin.

Johnny Pirkle's WOKI FM-100 "The Only One" was new and featured...King in the Morning, Dave Lambert, Jack Bean, Johnny Pirkle, Mike Beverly, and JL Myers.

CP was on WETE 620 (morning drive) along with Mike Beach and Jim Humphries.

Later that month WKGN shuffled their deck creating "The Dave Young Morning Show" with Wayne Bernard going back to afternoons and Mike Beach joining in the 7p slot.

W-149 featured Gary Adkins on morning drive followed by Bob Hamilton/Bill Johnson, and Eddie Beacon was afternoons!

Where were you in June '74?

Friday, August 05, 2016

Ktown Ratings

The spring '16 Nielsen ratings for Ktown have been released with WIVK still at the top, but with a 13.7. WWST jumps in to the number 2 slot with a 9.7. WIMZ falls from 2 to 3 with a 9.4. WJXB maintains a 9.3 share of the 12+ Mon-Sun 6am-midnight. The next 4 are WKHT at 6.3, WNOX 4.3, WCYQ 3.9, and WOKI 3.6. As a VFL living in Florida, I tune in daily to WNML, their AM/FM combo share is 3.2. I wonder where WMYL would be if they had more power, this groovy sounding country station comes in at a 1.2. Have you ever participated in a ratings diary, etc? Me neither...

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Happy Birthday Mike Beach!

HBD to "The Beachman"!

Mike is a transplanted East Tennessean (like me) living in Central Florida these days! Mike most recently worked as the swingman/weekend DJ at 105.9 here in Orlando, the oldies station, but he was sounding as young as he did back in '74!

It's June '74 and Mike joins WKGN 1340 as the 7p-midnight DJ.

Wow, what a line up...

6-9 Dave Young
9-12 Frank Erwin
12-3 Jeff Stevens
3-7 Wayne Bernard (PD)
7-12 Mike Beach
12-6 Todd Martin

Joe Anderson
Walker Johnson
Jack Gregory

David Todd
Jack Gregory

Page 3...

Who was the WKGN DJ who played trumpet in the HS band?

Friday, July 29, 2016

~ from my 101 Journal... 4/10/74

"I talked with Bob Baron at The Ivanhoe House of Beef (now Copper Cellar on Kingston Pike). He was a DJ at WKGN from 1964-68. Then he returned as Program Director in 1971. He first became a DJ while a junior in high school. He lived in a small city out west. He then went to college in Mobile AL and worked at their station. He left to go to UT. He says being a DJ is competitive and that is why guys continually move."

Page 3...

In '74 I was a 16 year old bus boy at Ivanhoe, owned by fellow Greek Frank Kotsianas...and my side kick, among others, was Judge Tom Varlan!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Effective July 25th, I will begin a new position as Operations Manager for the Cumulus Knoxville Radio Group. I'll be working with WIVK, SportsRadio WNML and Newstalk 98.7.

 Each of these stations are far and away the market leaders in their respective formats and I am beyond honored to become a part of their organization.

 To say I'm excited to work every day alongside the multitude of great talents in that building is a massive understatement. The personalities on their stations are unmatched in East Tennessee.

 They already have an unrivaled tradition of winning and I am honored to be joining their staff.

 I would be remiss to not thank Vickie Lawson and the staff of East Tennessee PBS for their great efforts during my last two years there. They play a large role in education in East Tennessee and I am honored to have been a part of a group of such dedicated people to a cause.

 If you value quality television, I ask you to please support them with your donations. I can vouch for their stewardship of your money. It is a true East Tennessee treasure!

~Jeff Jarnigan

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bob posted this on our 101 Facebook page...

Sonny James, WIVK, April 1973. A big promotion that had entertainers "replacing" each announcer during his airtime. My replacement was Sonny James. This picture is in the original AM/FM control room. Just beside Sonny's head you can see a slot in the wall that looks like a window, but its original purpose was to house a double squirrel cage fan that sucked out all the cigarette smoke into the hallway. Noisy devils. Everybody smoked, and of course Bobby Denton smoked those Garcia Y Vega stogies! (Bob Catron)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

101 travels to '85...morning DJs in Ktown were~

WNOX Steve Harrison
WIVK Claude and CP
WMYU Mark Herzog
WIMZ Phil Williams
WOKI Morning Zoo

Over at WMYU (U-102) Bill Miller aka Suitcase Simpson was PD, he's featured here in the 101 Audio Vault-


Here are the summer of '85 ratings...

23.3 WIVK-FM
17.5 WIMZ-FM
14.5 WEZK-FM
8.2  WOKI-FM
6.7  WMYU-FM
4.5  WIVK-AM
2.6  WNOX-AM

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Here are a couple of classic photos from 40 quick years ago...1976! 

Mick Rizzo arrived in Ktown that spring as part of the new 15Q! There were some big voices on that dial position~ Steve West, Kid Curry, Scott Sams as Jamie Rivers, Bob "Shotgun" Kelly, Ron Baptist, The Birdman, Suitcase Simpson, Chuck Baron, Bob Thomas...you name it and they were on the air at 1490 AM.

Here's Mick's website- RizzoRizzo

PS- Mick moved to WKGN that summer, check out his t-shirt!

Monday, June 27, 2016


Our hearts and prayers are focused on legendary Lady Vols Coach Pat Summitt!

The 101 Audio Vault travels to 1985 and Your Dave filling in on The Great Day Show on WIVK...and poking a little fun of Booby!