Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Mike Beach!

Here are some classic Mike Beach photos...including a young Frank Murphy!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hey George -

I got to WKGN in 1969 and the incident I'm about to relate happened not long before I got there. It was still a topic of conversation among listeners.

The city police department in Ktown was running these "safety lanes" and using them to write copious tickets, bringing in the revenue to city coffers. It was something of a racket - really just a way to stop traffic to check license and registration, but disguised as a safety tool. WKGN had an old mobile news unit that was in terrible shape. The tires were bald, the windshield wipers were frayed and at least one tail light was out.

The news director (I think it was Allen Pressley) drove the rolling wreck through the safety lane and it passed! It was insured and the license and registration were up to date. He ran a recorder while he did it and, after being waved on, pulled over and confronted the police. The "safety lanes" quietly disappeared.

That mobile unit was gone when I arrived. I was told it was hit from behind and driven into the car in front of it. Nobody was hurt, but the whole front of the unit cracked off and it took two men two scoot it to the curb. It had been fixed so many times there were a couple of hundred pounds of Bondo in its nose.

Thanks for hangin' with the Possum

Possum Riley
Ashland City, Tenn.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The comment about getting a "big break” in neighboring towns brought back memories of my first radio job in 1965. WRKH ("radio service for Rockwood, Kingston, Harriman"), 580 AM, was a 1000W sunrise to sunset operation. The studio was located on Front Street in Rockwood, in a second floor five-room suite over a jewelry store. The job as weekend announcer was good enough to convince the Tennessee Department of Safety that I deserved a special under-16 driver license. Back then, driver license x 1 = freedom. 

Owner Dick Holloway was one of the busiest people I had ever seen up to the point. He a one-man sales force; wrote ad copy, did commercial production; and anchored the sign-on to 1000 AM “drive time” show. That program was a mix of music that Holloway liked; dog-gone announcements; free wood pallets and used tractor-for–sale message; the obituaries; and Holloway's folksy musings about the "world situation." In short, it was everything those three small towns needed. 

The building was close to, and had a grand view of, the Southern Railway’s Cincinnati to Chattanooga main line. Back then on that railroad, there were at least 50 freight trains and four passenger trains each day. I quickly learned that a dime would keep turntable #2’s arm from skipping around when trains passed. For some reason, turntable #1’s arm didn’t skip. 

Down Front Street several doors was the fantastic Bill Billing’s Photo store. Most of my paychecks never made it home.  

I learned a lot from Dick Holloway. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn a little bit about the radio business.

~Art Miller

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Frank Erwin was a longtime fixture at WKGN in the early to mid 70's! By the end of his tenure Frank had anchored every day part, but he's mainly remembered as the midday DJ!

We dust off the101 Audio Vault and feature Frank~

Page 3...

Praise 96.3 WJBZ has gone "All Christmas Music" throughout the holiday season. That's the station that features Mike Clark and Dan Bell!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Are You Lonesome (George) Tonight?

Many of us got our "big break" in neighboring communities...Oak Ridge, Morristown, Wartburg, Lenoir City, etc.

In the spring of '76 I knocked on the WBLC 1360 Lenoir City door, and the rest as they say is 101 history.

For some reason Earl Lauderdale dubbed me "Lonesome George"...I ran with it for a while!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Did you the early 70's Eddie Beacon migrated south to the sunshine state and WMFJ 1450 Daytona Beach. This was alleged to have occurred in 1973!

Eddie is one of those DJ legends I'm thankful for during this holiday season...he allowed me to be part of a great racing radio show a few years ago called "Bumper to Bumper", a weekly NASCAR focused show on WNOX when it was a JP station at 100.3 on the FM dial.

For those who don't know...Eddie's real name is Elwood P. Suggins (or maybe it isn't).

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

WIVK Jimmy

Perhaps he was to Andy and Alison as Lester Longmire was to Claude Tomlinson!

Jimmy Holt left WIVK this month after an incredible 18 year run as the 3rd member of the morning show!

Jimmy produced AM drive, the Andy and Alison show...a show that won many national radio awards! 

Perhaps we'll hear Jimmy on the radio again needs more "WIVK Jimmy" personalities on the airwaves!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Scripps name in Knoxville has generally been associated with the newspaper business. These days they are a major radio player with four stations...Hot 104.5, Star 102.1, Q100.3, and WNOX 93.1.

The 101 Audio Vault features Krisha on Q100.3~

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Check out 101 Wall of Famer- Randy Miller Radio!

Monday, November 13, 2017

It's a 101 Reload (previously posted)...

Hi...My name is Bill Love (real name~Bill Herald). I worked at WKGN for a few months in the Fall of on the air at WKDQ in Evansville where I've been for the last 17 years...

We had a great group during the short time I was at WKGN- Jim Clark, Bob Baron, Dr Al Adams and many more. It wasn't like coming to work, It was like visiting with your buddies. I loved it at WKGN but the pay was a little on the low side in 1968- I was making $150 a week. I got an offer from WPOP in Hartford and took off on Thanksgiving Day 1968, but I'll NEVER FORGET that great group at WKGN and the old store front building on Cumberland Ave with the one toilet that had a hook and eye latch to close the door and a stack of Playboys for companionship.

There might be some other things of interest on my memories website!

Best regards and fond memories,

Bill Love WKDQ
Evansville, Indiana

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Welcome to 1966!

We are in Terre Haute, Indiana at WTHI-AM.

And who is this disc jockey? 

Meet 21 year old Dick Randall, midday DJ! forward a few years, we knew him as Possum Riley on WKGN!

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Send your photographs and memories to-

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Weren't we 18 years old just yesterday...and loving the AM radio dial! My childhood pal Scott Sams turned the big 6-0 this week. Scott was not afraid to experience much of the Ktown dial positions, working at WETE, WKGN, 15Q, WNOX and WOKI before opting in to a very successful TV career in Knoxville and Dallas. 

The 101 Audio Vault features Scott as Jamie Rivers on 15Q~

Page 3~

Scott is back on the radio, anchoring the Dallas morning news on KRLD!

Saturday, November 04, 2017

There is nothing more classic than a golden oldie photo...Scott Sams and Allen Free back in the day! They were both my childhood friends and all 3 of us began our radio careers at WBLC 1360 in Lenoir City. PS~ Happy 6-0 to Scott!!!