Thursday, July 19, 2018

WRJZ had a well known and well remembered 5 years from '76-'81 as a popular top 40 station with excellent DJs...some may have forgotten that the station had a short lived but excellent sounding '82 playing country. I should know, as I was part of the on air staff. Steve Bridgewater was morning DJ and PD (Dr Don West). This was not Steve's first rodeo in Ktown as he had worked mornings at 15Q back in '76 (as Steve West). Steve assembled a great sounding on air line up, including Bob Ziegler from Z93 in Winston-Salem. We dust off the 101 Audio Vault and feature Bob...

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The 101 Audio Vault travels back to the early 80's and Scott Black on WIVK-AM 850...

Monday, July 09, 2018

Here are a couple of pictures from the Summer 2018 Knoxville Radio Get Together held at the Buckhead Tavern in Downtown West Thursday July 5th. The first is "Bandit" Bob Anderson, the 2nd one is Randy "Arch" Bishop with Bill Beason. 70s and 80s radio stations represented include; WKGN, WRJZ, WIVK, WOKI, WNOX, WETE, and WATO. Egos were checked at the door and great fun was had by all in attendance. (Bill Beason)

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

1982~ where were you?

It's early 1982...

WIVK-AM 850 was separated from the FM and the DJ line up for the daytime only signal was CP and Walker 6-10, Becky Lynn 10-3, and Dan Bell at 3p! The catch phrase was "you can hear the difference".

The FM side at WIVK was 6-10 Claude Tomlinson, 10-3 Bob Thomas, 3-7 Ed Brantley, 7-12 Mickey Dearstone, and 12-6 Terry Womack.

WNOX 990 featured Phil Williams 6-10, Jim Donovan 10-3, Bill Evans 3-7, Jeff Shannon 7-12, and James Maurice 12-6.

The UT basketball starters were Steve Ray and Dale Ellis at forward, Willie Burton was center, Michael Brooks and Tyrone Beaman started at guard. Don DeVoe was the head ball coach.

The news team at WRJZ included David Henley, Ernie Baker, and Brad Schulz.

In Oak Ridge at Q94 the team featured Dan King in the morning, Arch Bishop middays, and Tony Eubanks in the afternoon.

In April WNOX went country and became AM 99 Proud Country...Rick Kirk, Scott Majors, and Your Dave were the DJs.

...and that's a look back at early '82! Where were you?

Friday, June 29, 2018

I was a member of the original Q94 (WETQ 94.3 Oak Ridge) on air staff. The station signed on in late '80 succeeding WUUU and was the sister station to the iconic WATO.

The GM was Janice Bond with Mike Stewart PD and my former teammate at WIVK, Jeff Winters, morning drive. Some big names passed thru that microphone including Eddie Beacon.

The DJ line up on day one featured Jeff Winters 6-10, Mike Stewart 10-3, Rick Hudson 3-7, Daniel Collett 7-12, and Dave Brownell 12-6. I was still a student at UT so I worked weekends along with Dan Cutts. Tom Barish was the morning news man with Jan Jennings anchoring the afternoon one was Tuesday November 25th 1980.

As 1981 rolled in Russ Brown was named News Director, Jan Jennings exited and Debbie Carroll came on board. 

Over at WATO 1290 Dennis Willard was PD with Mike Clark and Gary Wallace as on air personalities. PS- in April, Eddie Beacon popped up on WATO!

In March Tony Perry was added to the DJ line up at Q94 working 1-3p allowing Stewart to only be on the air three hours daily to concentrate on programming.

April '81 saw Rick Hudson exit for the all new U-102 so Tony Perry moved to afternoons, Dan Collett to middays and Debbie Carroll went full time at night. Mike Clark also took off for U-102, Joe Grant was added from thing you know, Your Dave Young is hired to be GM of WATO/WETQ and The Joe Show (Joe Grant) slides in to afternoon drive on Q94.

In May Your Dave offered me a great opportunity...mornings on WATO, assistant PD at WATO, and music director for WATO/Q94. YDY also named Eddie Beacon and Linda Scott as the morning team on Q94. Mike Stewart was shifted from Q94 to be PD at WATO. My time at WATO was short but sweet...not many can say they were morning drive in the Atomic City!

More shuffling occurred in June as both Your Dave and Eddie Beacon exited stage left...shorty thereafter Ken Mynatt came on board to run the stations.

...and that's a whirlwind look at year one! Fast forward- do you recognize this voice? It's Q94, morning drive, 1982...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Wow, 48 years have flown by. June 29th will be my last day at Midwest Communications. Nothing bad, just leaving likely the last full time job I'll ever have. It's been a wild ride. Learning to pinch pennies from the master while rocking five states. My 5 1/2 year world tour to cut my hair, buy a tie and get respectable. Being a successful Sales Manager in a Top 60 market. Coming back to Knoxville for Sue's job. Building three new FM's from scratch. Being the first voice on three different Knoxville FM stations. Growing a single station to a group of ten (not my best work). And getting to wind down my career with two quality family owned broadcasters while being allowed to buy and sometimes sell four small market stations (thanks Terry and Craig). So now I write the closing chapter...not really retired, just ready to spend time on my time remaining stations. And maybe add another....

Mike Beverly 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It's August 1982 in Knoxville and The World's Fair is still buzzing...everyone's dancing "The Chicken" at the Strohaus!

WOKI-FM featured Jeff Jarnigan, Kris Copeland, Bandit, and Jeff Freeman.

Over at U-102 Dr Dave Dunaway was AM drive with Bill Miller handling afternoons.

WIVK-FM was #1 in the market followed by WEZK, WIMZ, WOKI, and then WMYU (U-102).

WJBE was WBMK and James "Slick" Maurice handled afternoons at AM 1430. 

That month WNOX named Jerry Howell as new PD...Your Dave was back at AM 990 as morning DJ. (they played country).

Oh, and TV news anchors in town were Lance Sanstead at Channel 6, Bill Williams Channel 10, and Art Powell at WTVK. Knoxville also enjoyed Scott Sams, Margie Ison, Bob Kesling and Adele on the telly!

Where were you in '82?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Back in '82 WRJZ was in the country music game and under the watchful eye of PD Steve Bridgewater (Dr Don West) the station had grown from a 4.5 share in the fall of '81 to a 6.7 (adults 12+) in the spring of '82.

That summer Sherwood and Hennes bought the station, Mark Heiden exited stage left as GM with Doc Fidler as the new boss, Dr Don decided Nashville was his next gig, and John Dalton came in as the new morning DJ.

The 101 Audio Vault features John~

Thursday, June 14, 2018

...meat of the sandwich-

Dave Jeffries filled in the week between Andy/Alison and Tony/Kris on WIVK~

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Back in 1980 the WOKI-FM 100 DJ line up included- Michael Henry Martin 6-10, PD Gary Adkins 10-noon, Joe Blackmon noon-3p, Mike Beverly 3-7p, Brother John St John 7p-12, and The Brothers over night.

The 101 Audio Vault features Brother John~


Thursday, May 24, 2018

WOKI-FM 100 was a beast from it's sign on back in '74 throughout its decades of excellence. 

The early years featured automation, the precursor to voice tracking...I even sat in a control room with Scott Sams one day while he produced his afternoon show for an entire week. 

King in the Morning, Johnny Pirkle (owner and broadcaster), MRB, Brother John, Gary Adkins, The Brothers, and the list of over a thousand names of great broadcasters goes on and on! 

 In '82 the World's Fair was in Knoxville and most radio stations did remote broadcasts from the site...including Jeff Jarnigan on FM 100~