Friday, October 20, 2017

What's in a number...

Ktown's latest radio ratings are out via Nielsen-

WIVK-FM is still #1 but scores a 10.9 share. WIMZ-FM remains #2 at 8.6, both are down from the spring release.

The remaining top 5 are WWST 7.8, WJXB 7.3, and WKHT at 6.9.

How about a big shout out to Frank Murphy and team at WNOX-FM, they climbed from a 3.7 in the spring to a 5.8.

WCYQ has almost doubled their AQH share from the winter and sits at a 5.0.

WOKI-FM 3.9, WDKW 2.7, and WNML-FM 1.6, round out the top 10!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dan Bell~

In the 80's, the radio station I worked for, WIVK, held a talent search every year at Silver Dollar City in Pigeon Forge...It was interesting to watch the transition to Dollywood, and this was the first time I interviewed Dolly on Opening Day...Then in the 90's I worked for Dolly's Radio Station, WDLY, for nearly ten years, including broadcasting live from the park and various events...Now, 15 years later, I'm honored to be part of the Praise 96.3 Family (WJBZ) and once again hosting shows at Dollywood, as part of the National Harvest and Gospel Festival. Matter of fact, our stage is the Back Porch Theater...about 30 feet from where this photo was Dolly's apartment. It's amazing how God works things out over the years. God is Good!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

It's 1972!

101 travels back to early '72...

The year kicked off with Bobby Rivers as the AM drive DJ at WKGN. (Alan Dennis arrived soon thereafter).

Wolfman Jack's syndicated show was featured on WKGN on Sunday nights!

The WNOX announcers went on strike leaving J Worthington Smith on the air for 29 1.2 hours.

The Knox Sox named Joe Sparks as manager!

In April, Arnold Palmer played golf at Fox Den!

In May, Alan Dennis moves to Mooney's WMAK Nashville and Eddie Beacon joined 1340 in the 7p-midnight slot. (ps- this was not Eddie's 1st rodeo at WKGN).

The WNOX line up in June- King in the Morning, Eddy Roy, Ken Mynatt, Your Dave, J Worthington Smith, and Robert E Lee.

W-149 featured Gary Adkins and Johnny Pirkle in the drive times!

...and where were you in '72?

Friday, October 06, 2017

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Andy and Alison built a trophy case of awards thru their two decades of broadcasting at WIVK (with Jimmy Holt). The promos were a big part of their Schtick! 

 Enjoy the 101 Audio Vault~


Sunday, September 24, 2017

1976 was an interesting year in Knoxville radio...I got my 3rd class license, yippee, but more importantly two new stations debuted, 15Q (WKVQ) in the spring and WRJZ in November. 15Q was fast and furious and lasted about one year. WRJZ was methodical and had a solid five year run in it's original top 40 format.

The 101 Audio Vault travels to WRJZ and JJ Scott~


Page 3...

Happy Birthday this weekend to 101 Wall of Famer- Jean Ash!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

101 travels back to WEZK 97.5 and this promo~


Page 3...

Sad news as Vic Rumore has passed away.

Dick Broadcasting is growing. After enjoying owning and operating two stations in Greensboro since the big sell back in 2000, Allen has picked up 18 new stations in the Carolinas!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Andy and Alison are now part of Ktown radio folklore with 20 years in one of America's premier radio spots, morning drive at WIVK.

Andy's website is can find him at~

Thursday, September 14, 2017

WNOX (Spring 1988)

The 101 InBox says hello to the Old Radio Geek~

Hi George,

Did you know that back around March/April in 1988 WNOX AM 990 changed their format from Country Music to Golden Oldies? It was during a time period when REBS who owned WNOX at the time were in the process of selling the station to Dick Broadcasting who owned WIVK.  

From what I remember the playlist on WNOX consisted of music from 1955 to 1971. Plus they brought back the original "PAMS Series 27 Jet Set" WNOX jingles. The station sounded like a time machine during that very short time period.    

I remember some of the DJ's were:

"Marvelous" Marty Shane
"Brad Byrd "The Birdman"
"Rockin" Rick Parker
 Misty Reed

Those are the only DJs that I can remember from that time period. 

Unfortunately the Golden Oldies format only lasted around 2 short weeks. After that AM 990 started simulcasting with their FM Sister station 95.3 WTNZ for about a month then AM 990 went completely dark sometime around late May/early June until September of that same year for about 3 months. I remember AM 990 being dark the whole entire Summer until it was brought back on the air in September as WIVK-AM.  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

101 has obtained these exclusive never before seen "Beach photos" not the beaches assaulted by Hurricane Irma, even though 101 did take a direct hit here at the 101 headquarters in SW's Mike Beach!

1) It's '89 at Kiss 102 with Mike, Rich Hall, and Chuck Boo Baron!
2) Say cheese...publicity photo for KYFM in San Antonio
3) Biz perks as The Beachman says!

Friday, September 08, 2017

101 features Art Miller~

For decades, from the 1950s into the late 1970s, there was a large (20 or so inches across) glass clock labeled WIBK 800 AM RADIO that spread its soft bluish-white light over the counter at Bills Restaurant on Kingston Pike. In the days before Interstates and convenience markets seemingly on every corner, Bill’s was located at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Carr Street. 

After midnight, the restaurant became a regular meal stop for Knoxville Police, Knox County deputies, the fearless KUB night electric trouble truck crews, and many other night people. That often included this former WATE-TV news reporter. 

In the 1970s, head waitress Ruby, and her daughter "Little Bit,” presided over the third trick at Bill’s. I once asked her if WIBK was a WIVK predecessor and how Bill Purdom, Bill’s owner, came by the clock. She told me that Purdom used to buy advertising on WIBK. 

Back then, police cruiser radios were equipped only with an AM radio. Night people routinely carried battery-powered portable FM radios so they could tune in WIVK-FM and its country music programming. WIVK’s AM dusk sign-off announcements carried the statement, “For those of you with half a radio, we invite you to tune to…"

Bill’s, which is fondly remembered by many, is long gone. It stood vacant and rotting before being mercifully bulldozed for a faceless shopping block. Most of the officers and other night people who dined under the clock’s soft glow also are sadly no longer with us. And I wonder what happened to that glass clock. 

Thursday, September 07, 2017

The Your Dave Young 101 Wall of Fame...

Today 101 celebrates 10 years blogging...thanks to all for reading and contributing!

We proudly announce the newest "YDY 101 WOF"~

Art Miller
Bill Beason
Bill Hays
Bill Johnson
Billy Kidd
Bob Baron
David Henley
Ed Martin
Ed Rupp
Gus Manning
Jeff Jacoby
Jim Ridings
Joe Sullivan
Ken Russell
Les Acree
Mike Beverly
Paul Lyle
Randy Miller
Ron Cantwell (Hoss)
Scott Sams