Tuesday, August 19, 2008

101 has added a fun blog called Three Strikes and Out to our link list...happy reading!

Today 101 welcomes back contributor Chad Austin~

Was just reading about the Mike Beach Shotgun incident. I was wondering if you or anyone else knows anything about an incident that happened over at WNOX-AM sometime back in the 70's (I believe it was). The way I understood the story, someone driving down Whittle Springs Road fired a gunshot through the window of the control room. It's been 20 years since I heard that story, and I don't remember much details. I don't know if they even caught the person who did it. It does seem like I had also heard that the individual who fired the gunshot had gotten p#@%*d off at the DJ who was on the air at that time, or something along those lines. Didn't know if you or anyone else knew about the story or not. Another incident I heard that happened at WNOX was some homeless guy who was drunk broke into the building one night and came downstairs into the control room while James Maurice was on the air. Once again I can't remember the details. I just remember hearing a story like that years ago.

Anyone remember these incidents...or other great Rock of Knox stories?