Saturday, August 02, 2008

101 wants to wish a very Happy Birthday today to~

Mike Beach...

The Beachman is legendary in Ktown...Got any Beach memories?

Here's Your Dave regarding WIVK AM signing off at sunset and those old AM only radios that people listened to~

"Back then we sold converters for something like $19.95. Thus you would have a whole radio."

101 heard from MRW...Please send out this notice to all your readers~
A local writer, Martha Rose Woodward, is seeking original photographs taken during the 1982 Worlds Fair to use in her upcoming book about the Fair. The photos need to be "regular people doing regular things". She can not accept digital via internet. She needs the actual photos and will give you attribution and your name will be in her book. Let me know! or 865-951-0319