Friday, August 29, 2008

As 101 heads into the first football weekend of the 2008 college season, we feature stories from Chip Emerson, Suitcase Simpson, and Dave Young~

Great to hear from Jean Ash-I was at 'KGN with her when all this was going on -- man was that a golden time at 'KGN even with Vic. Great names on the air and off --- Andy Reeves, David Vantrease, Nancy Kirk, Joe Anderson (the Warlock), Dave Young, The Beachman, Wayne Bernard, Frank Erwin, Ricky (the stick) Davis, all night guy Kerry Lambert...... the list goes on and on. George Mooney's son Pat and I were college roommates, I have some great stories about George. (Chip Emerson)

Re Chad Austin’s question: I've heard about the shooting incident at the Whittle Springs studio so often that I assume it was real. A disgruntled ex-WNOX jock who is a friend of mine has been widely reported as the culprit. Although I suspect the statute of limitations has long expired (as well as several of the WNOX staffers of the time) on the incident I don’t think he has ever admitted it publicly. If it was indeed he who did the deed, it was only one of several colorful tricks in his radio career. For the record, I never worked at WNOX. (Bill Miller; I Am Still Suitcase Simpson)

Good stuff from Jean, and yes the new G.M. was a D.H. It seems from the get go that he was out for some people, but that is another story. My move to the famous 1340 was quick and decisive. Bob Baron had been after me for some time and things at the Big 99 were going to pot. I had talked to Baron about 8 in the morning and said, hey the offer is on the table. Come on over and you can start 7-Midnight and I'll pay you XXXX which was a great deal more than 'NOX. I told Bob that I would give it some thought and get back to him. He told me that he would like to know by early afternoon. I went to lunch at Harold's on Gay St. and Pete (WNOX GM) was there. He asked me about the Gladys Knight record, if I had re-recorded it and I told him no. Long story short, he started riding my behind and one thing led to another and another, so at 3 when I went on the air I called Baron and said I'm on my way. Bob started a promo at 3:05 that said...The famous 1340..Where Your Dave Is now Our Dave. (Dave Young)

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