Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Monday...

Today we feature letters to the editor of 101 (I'm also the janitor here at 101)~

We should start a Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. (John Long)

From 101~ Check out John's links to the right of this page..."OIDAR" and "Georgia Radio Hall of Fame". John's email is listed on those sites if you would like to tee up a potential Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame! John worked at WNOX in the 60's, his on air name was Kincaid. John wonderfully relives his career on his OIDAR site in the section called "Puttin' on the Hits"!

I noticed that you live in Orlando, where former Knoxville WOKI-FM DJ Shotgun Stevens also lives, and where he now does mornings as Doc Holliday on country radio station K-92 down there. Of course as you already knew before that he did mornings at XL-106.7 for nearly 17 years which was the longest he had ever held a job in radio.

I've known Jeff Duncan (Doc) since he worked at WOKI here in the Knoxville area back from 1984 to 1986. I have followed his career for many years. I lost touch with him back in 1989, however I managed to track him down again and got back in touch with him back in 2005. He will always be one of my favorite DJ's to ever grace the Knoxville airwaves.

Just wanted to mainly give you a shout to say hello and thank you for providing the Ktown Radio 101 site. It has been a goldmine of Ktown radio history. Thanks!(Chad Austin)