Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today 101 visits our "inbox"...

Frank Murphy Star 102.1~

Hi Beth, that would be a bit before my time here. I suggest you check the great website Knoxville Radio History 101. The link is KtownRadio. I have copied that site's webmaster on this message. All the best!

Do you all remember this? Hey Frank, Kim and Marc. I am listening to you all on the radio, and I was wondering if you all can remember the name of this DJ? When Tennessee won the Sugar Bowl in '85, there was a DJ at WOKI in Knoxville who locked himself into the DJ booth and Played Orange Blooded over and over and over again. Of course, he was fired, so I think. But I can't remember his name. I thought that I would never forget his name but I have. I thought that you all would remember. Thanks,Beth S (If you remember, please contact 101)

Chad Austin~

Hi George, I just recently created a Myspace page that pays tribute to "95-3 WTNZ". This is actually a prequel to a regular website that I plan to eventually create in memory of the station and Jeff Freeman. I was wondering if you could add the link for the TNZ Myspace profile to the Ktown 101 site. Here is the link.

Bob Thomas~

OK...set the TIVO...or the DVR.....This Sunday night Jake is guest starring on COLD CASE.Hope well is well!

October 14, 2008 (Studio City, CA) Eighteen year old actor Jake Thomas (LIZZIE McGUIRE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) is guest starring on COLD CASE, Sunday, Oct 19th at 9PM/ (8PM CDT) on CBS. The episode was originally set to air earlier in the month, but was rescheduled for this Sunday.Coming off his dramatic performance in COLD CASE, Jake just completed shooting the main guest star role on an upcoming episode of another CBS show, but this one the sitcom, Rules of Engagement with David Spade. Jake says his goal in his career is to continue doing a balance of comedic and dramatic roles. Jake is still seen in episodes of "Cory In The House" on the Disney Channel and soon starring in the film, "The Assignment."For more information on Jake see