Friday, November 21, 2008

I finally found some old photos. And a full page ad from WMDR that I will get scanned soon. Attached is a photo of me from 1982 or so. Its when I was working weekends at WIVK-FM. This was the older control room...note the 45's in the bins! Sheesh! (Scott Black)

I see Ed had his snappy, leather portfolio at his side. He was no doubt on his way to close a big deal for sales. I have lots of wonderful memories of working on Ed's show (for seven years!). I landed on afternoons at WIVK after a whopping three months of reporting - it was my first full time job. Ed was already a seasoned and settled professional by then. Ed taught me one of the most important lessons I ever learned as a radio personality. Respect the listeners. And, really, hasn't that been the key to success and great memories for so many of us? Even with the crackpots and psychos we've had to carefully navigate around, the listeners know which jocks are talking TO them and which jocks are just talking AT them. That's when the loyalty really kicks in. I could tell lots of tales about Ed...but I won't. I may be blonde right now, but I'm not stupid. Happy Birthday Ed! (Tonya Stoutt-Brown)