Monday, February 07, 2011

James A. Dick, founder and former owner of WIVK and many other radio stations passed away on Sunday February 6. From a small beginning at 860 AM located on Gay Street in Knoxville on March 20, 1953, Jim Dick built WIVK into a country music powerhouse.

Names such as Jim Hess, Claude Tomlinson, Bobby Denton, Kenny Dearstone, Ken Russell, Dave Young, Ed Brantley, Tony Igar, Bob Thomas, Bob Catron, Terry Womack, Paul Lyle, Bob Kesling, Jean Ash, Dan Bell, Mike Hammond, Hallerin Hilton Hill, Dave Foulk...and the list goes on and on of Ktown household names, voices, and personalities that have made up the WIVK family over the decades.

"James A. Dick was a wonderful man who loved his people (employees) protected his radio stations and his integrity. We were always to be the best and we could all get better! Most of all he truly loved his “family” which were all his employees. When they sold the company they gave $6,000,000 (yes million) to be divided amongst the staffs of the various stations. I’ve never heard of any company ever doing that..much less a radio or media company. James and Marilyn Dick were special people to a whole lot of folks! He gave a ton of us opportunities in the broadcast business." (Paul Lyle)

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