Saturday, October 29, 2011

We hear from 3 greats in the 101 InBox~

"In 1972 I had just left WBIR to do afternoons at WETE; I came over with the PD Howard Gunter (what a set of pipes) when Hall Communications bought the station. After Hop Edwards left, Jim Clark did mornings and eventually I took over AM drive. That was really a fun station and became even better when it changed to WRJZ." (Curtis Parham)

"In '72 I think I was finishing up as "Tony the Tigar" at WRMA Montgomery and heading up to Tuscaloosa  to work PM drive and sales for Vic Rumore at WNPT. A couple of years later Vic brought me to Ktown and WKGN. Looking back on all of those great DJ's I met along the way is really something special. They are a breed of talent that does not exist anymore. It was live, on the fly, radio. No script, no do overs, just open the mic and let it happen. (The World Famous~Tony Igar)

"Speaking of the difference in WKGN’s 1000 watts and WNOX’s 10,000. Legendary radio salesman Bob Crenshaw was working at WKGN. He had a car dealer on the air that ran with him every month. One month Bob went to see his guy to change copy. They told him someone from WNOX had come to see him and he’s decided he was going to try WNOX for a month.  Bob happened to look at the guys desk and he saw the person’s business card from WNOX. On the card it said WNOX 10KW. Bob quickly whipped out his card and showed it to the client. Look he said…WNOX has 10KW but we have One Thousand Watts!!! Do you want 10KW or 1000 Watts!!! The guy stayed with Bob. Why would you ever want 10KW (or as we know 10,000 watts) when you can have 1000 Watts!!!" (Paul Lyle)