Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy 2012!

The 70's featured many "rock wars"...WNOX and WKGN were in the midst of an epic battle for listeners, both sounded great. WRJZ joined the party in late '76...and earlier that year W-149 had morphed into the major market sounding 15Q, great memories!

PS- If you noticed, these were all AM stations as FM was still only slowly becoming king of the dial...WOKI had changed everything by debuting in '74 on 100.3 FM with a booming and clear sound out of Oak Ridge.

Many great DJs planted their flags in Ktown in the 70's...Wayne Bernard aka Charlie Chase, Kid Curry on 15Q then for decades in Miami, and a guy who helped make disco famous~ Dick Winstead! A few years before the disco revolution Dick was working drive time at WNOX~