Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday wishes to "Jack Diamond"...does the name ring a bell?

Jack and his side kick "Guerrilla" invaded Ktown's 7-midnight time slot in early '73 at WKGN 1340. Jack was destined for greener pastures and moved to WAKY in Louisville Kentucky....and he's still in Louisville and still on the air.

In 1980 Jack joined WAMZ (country) and has been there ever since, he's the Program Director and afternoon personality.

Here's the WKGN line up at that time~

6-9 Bob Baron
9-12 Frank Erwin
12-3 Chris Hampton
3-7 Wayne Bernard
7-12 Jack Diamond 
12-6 Jerry Steel
Weekends- Sonny Knight, Ken Burger, and Jack Gregory
News- Walker Johnson, Jim Goodman, Joe Anderson, and Mary Glen Martin