Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's 101 Reload time~

WKGN Morning DJ's...1972 thru 1976-

Bobby Rivers
Alan Dennis
Bob Baron
Smokey Burns
Wayne Bernard
Dave Young
Al Adams
Frank Erwin
Steve West
Alan Douglas

Let's look at 'KGN 1976, it was the beginning of the end as a Top 40 station that had featured great jocks, great music, and great air battles with WNOX for years...

WKGN began 1976 as a Top 40 station...
6- Al Adams
10- Frank Erwin
3- Mike Beach
7- Scott Sams
12-David Todd
WE- Chris Lee, Phil Michaels
News- Joe Anderson, Lauren P. Murphy

By July the line up had become...
6- Frank Erwin
10- Al Adams
3- Pat O'Brien
7- Barry Tucker
12-Chris Lee

In August Frank Erwin exited after many years, Steve West took over mornings from 15Q(WKVQ).

And finally September rolled in, as did an AOR format and jock changes-
6a- Alan Douglas
12p- Dave Elrod
6p- Robin Beck (Barry Tucker)
12a- Keith Lambert (Chris Lee)

Beck and Lambert of course are Mike Beck and Kerry Lambert...Album Rock 'KGN went on to have a good run for a couple of years. December, Johnny Majors was named Vols Head Coach!