Thursday, March 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Bob!

I first heard Bob Thomas on the radio when he was working the all night shift at WKGN 1340...his moniker was "BJ All East Tennessee Truckin' Thomas"~ those were the days.

Fast forward a couple of years to circa- '77 and Bob joined our WIVK staff which I was part of. Bob went on to star in the midday slot for decades.

Bob has been part of Hollywood but these days he's found on the radio in East Tennessee at 100.3 WNOX as part of the "Ed and Bob" morning show.

Photo is of Bob and his bride Kim Simmons...Kim was a long time TV news anchor in Ktown! HBD Bob!!!


Happy Birthday to Chip Emerson~ I met Chip back in the 70's at WIVK and when I graduated from college and was sending all those reumes out, Chip gave me the opportunity to shadow him at his media company...he's one of the good guys!