Monday, March 05, 2012

Happy Monday!

15Q began 1976 as W-149 and ended the year as 1490 'KVQ...squeezed in between was one heck of a radio station.

It was late February and the wheels were churning, a QQQQQ drop started being heard on W-149 and then some new names and voices showed up.

Interestingly many of the new jocks arrived while the station was still W-149. Steve West, Kid Curry, Mick Rizzo, Bob "Shotgun" Kelly, The Trashman Barry Hodge, Bob Kagan, etc. many "big time" sounding DJs had invaded Ktown.

And that's not where the story ends...some locals made the jump to the Q~ Bob Thomas, Suitcase Simpson, Eddie Beacon, Scott Sams, Mike Beach...and the list goes on.

The line up was a revolving door and other booming voices were heard~ Charlie Fox, The Birdman, Chuck Baron, George Patrick Dooley, etc.

Oh, and "The Brothers" made their debut on the Q (and were W-149 holdovers)

Wow~ what a dial position...and 101 has all the air checks and will feature them soon!

Did 15Q make you rich?