Friday, April 27, 2012

The early 70's in Knoxville...what a great dial twisting time. AM radio was still king and WNOX and WKGN, David and Goliath, were involved in rock wars! 

Remember some of those names and voices at The Famous 1340~ Bob Baron, Wayne Bernard, Frank Erwin, Jack Diamond, Jim Goodman, Walker Johnson, Jerry Steele, Kent Newton, Bob Thomas, Scott Sams, Smokey Burns, Mike Beach, Jean Ash, David Todd, Al Adams, Don Smith, Ted Ferguson, John Foley, Rick Davis, Jim Dearman, Tollie Michaels, Kris with a K Lee, Mutha' Tucker, Mick Rizzo, Steve West...who are we leaving out? The list goes on... 

Both stations sounded great, WNOX 990 had 10,000 watts day and night while WKGN 1340 was at 1000 daytime and 250 at night!