Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday, let's kick off the new week with a "101 Reload"~

"It was cool seeing the photos of the control room at WETE back in the day. I am Ben Clifton and my one night a week show was "Music In the Night" and it was great seeing my name on the list. My older brother was Jim Humphries, so I had to use my middle name when I was on the air. I worked one shift overnight on Sunday nights, some fill-in work, ran the board during some UT games, (WETE was the Voice of the Vols then) plus weekends with the great Chuck Ketron and the crew for the highly popular "HOLD THAT LINE" after UT ballgames. I ran the scores from the AP machine and posted them on the blackboard. I was a high school senior, worked from 7 pm to 6 am, and then went to Holston High and slept through first period. It was a great place to work, just before WRJZ format changed. Ernie Baker, Walker Johnson, Curtis Parham and Jim Humphries were quite a piece of work to hang around with on remotes and around the station. Scott Sams was the "pretty boy" of the bunch, being the younger of the group. I was planning to go to UT into radio broadcasting in 1976 after graduation. I learned one important thing when the station format changed unexpectedly to WRJZ - there is little security in radio. So I enrolled at UT that summer as an advertising major... but it was quite an experience and all they guys loved their jobs, sometimes a little too much. That was the beginning of the end of the days when radio DJ's were GODS, they led a dual life in a way since no one really saw what they looked like. Anyway, I'll see if I can located some photos. I guess you have some of Jim Humphries news stories of him breaking the world's record for the longest radio broadcast. I think that most DJ's who went on to other jobs in Knoxville pulled a stint at the station from '73-'76 - I remember Eddie Beacon - the Swingin' Deacon was one..."

Ben Humphries