Friday, May 11, 2012

101 wants to hear from you...2day we open the 101 InBox~

"Wow. Awesome site! I am a Knoxville reside in Destin FL...61 years old...UT grad class 72'. Have great memories of WKGN in the sixties, early seventies...DJ Dr. Al Adams in particular. I think I still have squirreled away a few Tussie gift sets and papermate pens won on KGN's "name it and claim it" contests! On the old the rotary phones I used to predial all the numbers of KGN's phone number and release the last number the instant I heard the DJ say "name it.." I won so much they restricted me to one prize per day! Would love to contact Dr. Al and tell him I still, to this day, have fond memories of his great stint at WKGN. What a great era of Top 40 radio...remember the great Dave Diamond at KGN? He was there a year or two as best I recall. He was afternoon drive, and I think he also did a countdown show Sat mornings and a 7-12 Sun night rotation...busy guy! Paid off big for him."

Philip Newman
Destin FL