Monday, May 21, 2012

Are CP and Walker getting back together?

It's a Monday 101 Reload (previously posted) from our friend and media guru Walker Johnson~

"I kinda figure my life (age wise) as to which station I was with at what age. I was 22 in 1970 and started the radio ride at WGAP. In '73 I was just about 25 and working at WKGN. I turned 27 in 1975 and replaced Mike Beach at WETE. I think he came over to 'KGN but I would not make book on it. I hit the ripe old age of 28 in 1976 and Basic Media Limited bought out Hall Broadcasting and turned WETE into WRJZ. The plan was to fire all of us but CP talked them into putting the two of us in the morning. I remember he had at 10 in the morning on WETE and I had an 8 in the afternoon. First book for WRJZ we pulled an 18, knocking off all the morning shows except Claude at WIVK. Next book we nailed the Cat to the wall. Are you bored yet? WRJZ was being sold and the new owner was being told to go country by our...GM! It was 1980 and I had just turned 32 when my contract was up and I and ran over to WIVK, CP came when his was up. James A. Dick built his AM station around us and changed the calls to WHIG. I know, 'bout as stupid a set of letters ever used. Anyway we went on the air with the same format as the old WRJZ. Johnny Pirkle was sick of us beating his station so he had a few friends call up Bobby Denton to complain. Before the first month was gone we were playing country music and our fans from WRJZ were all sick! They would call to say they tried to turn the station OFF when the music came on and then get back to us when we talked! At the ripe old age of 37 (1985) my father and I bought a radio station. OK, HE bought 50% and I bought 1%. We took WEAG in Alcoa, (a very old big band station) rock, bought a restored 1969 Caddy hearse and had more fun that you can imagine! The late Jim Donavon was my morning man, Becky Lynn (of the old WIMZ and now a radio star in Arizona) did middays, the late GREAT Ernie Baker was News Director and none other than Ted Ousley (Gunner on WIVK today) did afternoons. Dad and I sold the station WMDR (My wife told me the calls said "Walker Makes Denise Rich" but after a year she kind of dropped that thought) in 1989 and I went full time with U 102 as I turned 41. More stations followed after that and some TV work but after U 102 the "BIG" money was done and with the exception of a few places that died either while I was there or just after I left, that was IT for radio! Turning 61 is outstanding IF you still have the mind of an 8 year old, yep I qualify big time there."