Wednesday, June 27, 2012

101 travels to August 1979 in Ktown...

On the TV side Action 10 News debuted Sunday Night News with Judy Jenkins.

The #1 song on WIVK's Sound of the 70's Survey was "Suspicions" by Eddie Rabbitt.

Drive time at WNOX 990 featured Dr. Dave Dunaway in the morning and Scott Majors afternoons.

Rock 104 was born, still with WBIR call letters, the moniker was "We Believe In Rock".

Carson Cooper was doing the overnight show at Rock 104.

Phil More was working at WNOX as Michael Jackson.

Morning ratings in Ktown showed Claude Tomlinson #1 followed by CP and Walker, Johnny Pirkle, and Dunaway.

WIVK had Jerry Lee Lewis scheduled to headline the August 25 shindig, he cancelled so Con Hunley stepped in and stepped up!

Suitcase Simpson was PD and afternoon drive at WKGN Disco 13!

Where were you in August '79?

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