Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July! 

Are you enjoying the fireworks on Merle-FM this week? Today at 10 Your Dave Young will be back on the air, tune in, I am! 

From the 101 InBox~ 

"I've just discovered your web site. Back in the early 1960s while a student at Maryville College I listened mostly to WATE but also to WNOX and WGAP. An evening announcer at WATE was a UT graduate student named Wayne Perkey. After finishing his degree Wayne went on to 50,000 watt, clear channel WHAS in Louisville where he did the morning wake-up show for 30 some years as well as some television. He retired a number of years ago but does/did (I'm not up to date) a shift at an oldies FM station. While at WATE by station policy he did not accept music requests. However, at the end of my second year in college I wrote to him and asked if he would play such and such a song at a particular time one evening since it was a favorite of my girlfriend (now my wife of almost 47 years) and me. Wayne did play it saying it was for a student and his girlfriend at Maryville College who would be apart for the summer. It was much appreciated. When moved to Louisville I knew Wayne and mentioned it to him. He did not remember, but I will always remember his kindness." (Ken Macharg)