Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Weekend, here's a 101 Reload~

"It was April 1st 1991! Wilhite and Wall replaced the legendary Claude the Cat. We always said they picked that date so if we really sucked they could say "Nah, that's just an April Fool's joke, the new morning show will be here in a few weeks!" Our 6+ years at WIVK were some of the best times we ever had in radio. Bobby Denton was terrific and Les Acree taught us how to do a real morning show. We had a lot of help from Channing Smith, Mike Keith, Tonya Stout Brown, Hallerin Hill, Bob Thomas, Ed Brantley, Dave Foulk, Jan Oliver, Terry Womack, Ed Rupp and especially Your Dave Young who took us under his wing/pit, gave us his support and made sure we knew the history of Knoxville radio." (Darren Wilhite)