Sunday, January 20, 2013

Do you remember when radio was live and local 24/7? Well, almost 24/7...there were some syndicated shows back in the day, ie- Larry King hosted an all night talk show nationally, Casey Kasem and American Top 40, the Wolfman Jack Show, Doctor Demento, etc... Weekend DJs were important back then, and thru the years a ton worked the mic at WKGN...the 101 Audio Vault features "David Todd"~

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Carol Satterfield stories are about as easy to find as Dick Sterchi stories. The old timers that worked with her will enjoy this one…In the late 90’s Carol’s doctors ordered no alcohol. She missed two things dearly. One was the taste of scotch. Her daughter Robin put that and her favorite cigarettes in with her at the funeral home. The other was her Tanqueray gin. She knew she couldn’t take it with her, but that wasn’t going to stop her from trying! Carol had me promise to toast her at the funeral and pour a bottle in her final resting place. Her family and friends joined me in keeping that promise this morning. Everyone smiled and remarked that it was classic Carol Satterfield! 

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Thanks and regards, Phil Jarnagin