Friday, March 22, 2013

101 opens up our InBox, regarding on air names...

"I offered to use an alias when I first went to work for WIVK (Dick Broadcasting) since they had one Bell there, Traffic Sgt. Wayne Bell...but Jim Dick said no...only criminals use aliases, or something like that...I love to tell the story one night Wayne and I were at a party, and talking to each other, when a pretty young lady came up and asked me if I were related  to Wayne. I said "yes, he's my father, and this is him right here" If he had had his gun that night, he probably would have shot me. He does have a son named Dan or Danny...last I heard of him he was in the newspaper business in Lenoir City." (Dan Bell)

"George...Not a Knoxville name but one of the best I have ever heard. I think the guy was near Naples FL. I believe his real name was Dick Tyler...and on the air.....he called himself "Swingin' Dick". Always thought that was one of the all time great ones! LOL" (MB~Mike Beach)

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Happy Birthday wishes to Ed Rupp!