Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's a 101 Reload...we heard from Suitcase back in July '11~

"Played golf with my brother and his 12 year old son last week at Whittle Springs. We stopped at the old WNOX building and took a look around. It's dilapidated now, but it was a showplace 50 years ago. I wanted my nephew to see some of his grandfather's work. My father, Clyde Miller, was a foreman on that job for the George W. Reagan Construction Company. The irony is that I worked for all the legendary radio stations in town - except WNOX. I was only a visitor in the building that my father built. By the way, Billy Casper Golf now runs Whittle Springs Golf Course and they've done a fine job with the grounds. A big, new pond on the back nine adds a new dimension to playing the course."

Best Wishes,
Bill Miller
(I Am Still Suitcase Simpson)