Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's in a name?

Did you use an on air name versus your real name?

True story...buddy of mine in Orlando has been a radio exec for years, his name is Kim Mcfadden and he worked with Fleetwood Gruver for years. One day he asked Fleetwood, and I'm paraphrasing..."love your radio name but you've never told me your God given name? Duh says Fleetwood...that is my name!!!"

Some Ktown fun names (but not their real names)...Dr Al Adams, Smokey Burns, Sonny Knight, Suitcase Simpson, Jack Diamond, Little Alf, The Aardvark, Jamie Rivers, Jeff Stevens, Gary Drake, Jack Ryan, Jeff Winters, John E Douglas, Hoss, Dick Winstead, Eddie Beacon, Dr Don West, JJ Scott, Robin Beck...and how about Tollie Michaels~