Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Hump Day...and burfdAY wishes this week to Walker Johnson and Smokey Burns!
We wind the 101 clock backwards to 2010, this is a 101 Reload from CP...
"What a treat to hear the Ernie Baker clip! Ernie was one of the dearest people I ever worked with. Ernie was indeed the bartender at our WETE Christmas party. He had a degree in philosophy from UT, so bartending was a logical career move for him. At the party, Ernie "over-served" the GM and the conversation drifted to Ernie's interest in getting into radio. The unnamed GM invited Ernie to stop by and he would put him on the air; much to the GM's surprise (I don't think he even remembered the offer) Ernie showed up on Monday and began his broadcasting career. He stayed with us through the WRJZ days before moving to the Tennessee Radio Network in Nashville. While in Nashville, he attended law school and hung out his shingle in his native Memphis. I was deeply saddened over his passing a few years back after a bout with cancer. I will always remember him fondly as will everyone who knew him." (Curtis Parham)