Thursday, April 18, 2013

The 101 InBox says hello to Bob Berry...

"Hi George...was doing some research on Bob Savage and his tenure at WNOX and ran across your Knoxville Radio History blog. I was reading a story about you working for Hoss Brooks. I worked with him briefly at WNOX before he became PD there. I arrived in late 1982 and stayed though the part of 1983 if memory serves me correctly. I just remember Hoss being this incredibly funny, talented and very likeable guy. He was so talented that when you listened to him on the air you would think to yourself,  why am I even in the business. He didn't seem very healthy though and I guess according to what you wrote he is no longer with us. I left WNOX and went out to Harriman where I managed WHBT for a while and then beat a path back to my old stomping grounds, Wheeling, WV. I grew  up in Eastern Kentucky in the '50s and '60s and listened to WNOX during the Johnny Pirkle, Wayne Purky heyday. One of our favorites, as me and my friends rode around at night listening to WNOX,  was Rob Galbraith, don't know where he would up, someone said he went to Nashville and worked in the music industry. Anyway  just wanted to share a few memories about my association with Hoss Brooks. Look forward to reading more on your blog,  now that I have found it. Good luck!"
Carl Hogg  (Bob Berry, radio)