Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tune in to 100.3 Thursday morning at 9a!

101 heard from Bob Thomas...The Ed and Bob Show is only on staycation and they hope to be back on the air soon, dial position to be determined!

"Hi George...Hope you are doing well. I worked with Phil Michaels in Morristown at an AM station back around '74 or so. Real name - Phil Kirkpatrick. I've heard he's an attorney in Nashville now. Good guy and good "radio" guy. I may give him a buzz and see what he's been into since his radio days..other than lawyering.." (Roger Epperson)

"George...Thanks for helping to promote our Knox County Broadcasting Programs! If possible, could you let everyone know that both of our stations are on Twitter and frequently post updates? 


I am also working on compiling a list of former WKCS DJs who worked in the industry after leaving Fulton High. Jeff Jarnigan, Randy Miller, Ed Brantley, and Butch Johnson are on that list, but I would like to put together a comprehensive list of names. If anyone knows of any names, they can contact me at Thanks so much for your help, and for the great service you provide." (Russell Mayes/WKCS Radio/Fulton High School)