Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Seems like yesterday but it was January 1982 when Bill and I were hired on the same day to work as DJs at "62 WRJZ My Kind of Country", our boss was PD Steve Bridgewater (Dr Don West)...

"Hey George..Just a note of thanks for featuring my old friend Jim Wilson at WTGR. He hired me to join him at TIGER Radio in 1975 where we enjoyed fun in the sun and a life of ease on the beach. I might also add Jim and I worked together at three other stations. WRJZ, WCRK, and WLIK. It was always a pleasure to follow him on the air because he would hang around after his shift as we talked about working in larger markets and becoming another Larry Lujack since SuperCFL was our favorite station at the time. Many times we took road trips to larger markets to visit other stations and meet their jocks. One in particular was WKGN in 1972 when we met Wayne Bernard a.k.a. Charlie Chase who voiced our station promos and sweepers. (I was also fortunate to work in Nashville while Charlie was at WSM.) As you may know Jim fell and seriously damaged his brain in 2006. He has since been involved in a car crash and further injured himself. However, I try to stay in touch with him from time to time since he was a BIG help to me in my early days in radio."

Bill Beason a.k.a. Buzz Daily (well, not as much nowadays)