Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bits and Bacon Pieces...

There's a ton of fun happening at our 101 facebook page! Here are just a few of the stories recently posted~

"I worked at WNOX/WTNZ/WNKX from 85-88 and here's the deal. Sanders did buy WNOX and 95.3 in '82, which became KiX95. Both were Country. In 1985 Sanders sold both to John Lack and his partner from NYC. Several months later Lack's partner along with CBS news person Jessica Savage drove into a swollen creek doing a storm. Both were killed. The stations were then sold to Rebs Inc. (Rick James and Bob Dearborn, along with their wives) in the Fall of '86. WNOX remained Country while KiX became 95.3 WTNZ with a Top 40 format." (Bill Beason)

"In 1971 they (WBIR-FM) were running a Drake syndicated format package. When I left Knoxville for the military in 1969 there was nothing contemporary on the Knoxville FM's. When I got back to town in 1971, I tuned across the FM dial and the first thing I heard was "Handbags and Gladrags" by Rod Stewart. Weird. For some reason I never forgot that." (Gary Adkins)

"Anyone heard that Mike Kelly 15 year veteran of WDVX Sunday mornings is headed to Merle FM for Sunday in the South 8a-12n Sundays..Country and Bluegrass artists sing about family and faith. Live with requests. And Dan Bell revives the Sunday Survey. Sunday Survey 20/20 begins 7/14~ Today's top 20 and the top 20 from yesterday all in the same show. Real Jocks..Real Shows, Real Radio.." (Ron Meredith)