Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here's a 101 Reload, posted first back in 2009...

Country music was king in Ktown in 1982 as both WRJZ and WNOX were spinning that format and competing with WIVK...and WNOX was about to debut their new FM sister station..."Kix 95" which was also scheduled for the same format.In September 1982 WNOX's Program Director was Jerry Howell and their DJ lineup was jam packed with talent-

6-10 Dave Young
10-2 Jim Donovan
2-6 Jimmy Vineyard
6-12 Joe Grant
12-6 Bill Jeffers

As "Kix 95" cranked it up Jimmy Vineyard moved over from WNOX and the line up featured PD Phil Hunt 6-10, Rick Davis 10-3, Jimmy Vineyard 3-7, Doug Bingham 7-12, and Elaine Scott 12-6.