Friday, July 12, 2013

WATO AM and FM...

From our 101 facebook page, here is some bantering about WATO Oak Ridge~

WATO-FM signed on in 1967. Ran a free-form rock format supposedly. Became WUUU in 1971 first running SRP Beautiful Music then switched to Bonneville Beautiful Music later on. (Kent Teffetelle) 

WATO-FM went on the air in the late 60's and shocked a few folks with an alternative album rock format. I remember listening to "Country Joe and the Fish" "The Amboy Dukes" and Steppenwolf's "G.D. the pusher man" to name a few selections. Who knows what happened, but by the time I went to work at WATO (Oct '71) they had changed to WUUU and changed to a "beautiful music" format. LOL, boring crap for a young kid. (Gary Stone) 

When I came there (WATO 1290) Dave Bruce mornings, Alan Crockett middays (later nights), Joe Vann afternoons and me 6p-12. I remember Jim Westcott as news director, Hugh Newsom weekends and a host of others coming and going. (Gary Stone)

It (Q94) had a revolving door, Tony Eubanks, Dan King, Randy Bishop, Greg McMahan, this was around the spring of '82. I can't remember the list after that. Rau Radio sold it about a year or so later to a guy named Pyle. He made the AM MOR/BB and the FM went soft /AC. (Bob Poland) 

Hugh Newsom was still there when I worked there in '79-'81. Of course Dave Brown was engineer. Jeff Winters was there for a short time as was Bill Page, who did play by play for Oak Ridge football. (Mike Clark)

Do you have WATO or WETQ memories?