Saturday, August 10, 2013

There is a ton of platter chatter happening on our 101 facebook page (search~ Knoxville Radio History 101) I posted this WIVK studio photo of me from the late 70's.....

"That used to be the "album" room, where all the 33 1/3s were stored. The old 45s were downstairs, as I recall. I see the nicer Gates board from the old 'simulcast' studio was put in here to replace a big ol' brown monster that had been there when they first had to split up the am & fm broadcasts. I think initially we didn't have to split it until 10:00 a.m., at which time Claude came off the morning show. If my perspective is correct, then behind those curtains was at one time the window to the 'main' production room, and behind your back was a window to the news room. The biz was always full of funny antics; some of my favorites involve Terry Womack while he was on the night gig. When I started at WIVK, Terry was on a 'break' from the biz and was taking some classes at UT, I think. Does anyone remember the name of the guy that did the all-night show around '70? Anyone ever hear from Ronnie Campbell? He did evenings 7 to midnight." (Bob Catron)

"I loved those boards and when control rooms looked and felt like that! I don't know if the FM control had the twin mics and the foot pedal on/off switch at that time...I didnt work there till a little later, but I've never encountered those elements anywhere else!" (Becky Lynn)

"When I was there the control room was across the hall...and all the fuses were on the bottom of the rack by the announcers feet. Somebody rolled across the floor and broke every one of them off, the poor engineer was on his belly for hours repairing them, the announcer having to "try" to do a show...ahhh the things we remember." (Jerry Howell)

"I amazed about the history that came out of that studio,the talent, the artists and the songs that were discovered. Good memories!" (Jeff Winters)

"Wow! do I remember that!" (Ed Rupp)