Sunday, September 08, 2013

Bits and Bacon Pieces regarding the 2014 WOF and 101 turning 6~

"Honored to be among the latest Knoxville Radio 101’s Hall of Fame this time around. Especially with my first boss, Joe Anderson, who taught me so much about news, and Phil Williams, who mercilessly needled the "girl at the Frog Station" and Milton Jones, who kept us on the air. Love ya, Greek!" (Jean Ash)

"Congrats on 6 years of helping us all keep up with K-Town radio history...and each other! I am honored to be added to the "101 WOF." I am also very grateful to have my name mentioned beside such great broadcasters. My old friend Joe Anderson was a true original and my all-time favorite news guy, The legends Hop Edwards, Wayne, Jean, Eddy, my old partner Phil...and 2 of my favorites, (who kept us on the air and made our stations blast off the dial) Buster Sutton and Milton Jones. The top of my list this year was...Noooooboddyyy "Big Jim" Hess. Not only a Knoxville original but a character who was unforgettable to all who saw or met him. Real talent! Thanks George, and to all of you who remembered an old intro rider like me! Congratulations to all on the list! Who's buying the first round?!! I nominate Williams! Best Regards." (Mike Beach)

"I especially enjoyed your video listing the HOF winners... And I've had the privilege of working with several of them... Matter of fact, Eddy Roy almost hired me as a copy writer at WNOX when I first came to Tennessee, but I ended up working for a frog for fifteen years...even met a handsome young Greek guy there, who shall remain nameless, and infamous at the same time." (Dan Bell)

"Give him six. Touchdown George! Congrats!" (Mike Beck)

"Extremely happy to see Buster Sutton and Milton Jones on this list. Both critical men in support roles. Every choice here great ones." (Kent Teffetelle)

"All legends and institutions in K-town! Enjoyed listening to them all!" (Calvin Sneed)