Monday, January 13, 2014

It was June 23 1974 and changes were happening at WKGN 1340...

Jerry Steele had exited the all night show, Kent Newton's 7-midnight gig was short lived and... 

Dave Young and Wayne Bernard decided to flip drive time spots. The good news is "The Dave Young Morning Show" was created, what a great time in Ktown's AM drive that was! 

6-9  Dave Young 
9-12 Frank Erwin 
12-4 Jeff Stevens 
4-7  Wayne Bernard 
7-12 Mike Beach 
12-6 Todd Martin 
weekends- David Todd, Jack Gregory 
news- Joe Anderson, Walker Johnson, Jack Gregory

Mike Beach also joined The Famous 1340...he would go on to work afternoons at WKGN when Dr Al Adams returned and followed that with a long stint at WIMZ cohosting mornings with Phil Williams!

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