Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Jeff Jacoby!

Happy Monday and congrats to our men's basketball team for making the "sweet sixteen", Go Vols!!! 

101 is featuring some great bantering from our 101 Facebook page regarding the 97.5 dial position!

Kent Teffetelle~ a classic back in the day. Originally more valuable for it's SCA (which is what the station was built for) than it's main channel. I remember when WEZK FM 97 only had a top of the hour ID and was straight music otherwise.

Doug Hullander~ Kent, when I worked there in the 80's, we had 15 minute continuous music blocks (no jock comments ). We were allowed to crack the mic ONLY at quarter hour intervals. Not very exciting radio, but then again the stress level was non existent. The air shifts were soo EZ.

Kent Teffetelle~ Indeed, just keep the Scully 270 playback machines loaded with fresh reels mainly.

Doug Hullander~ That's it. I was there when they dropped BM and became B 97.5 and was thrilled that I was finally allowed to actually be a "jock".

Mike Clark~ I was there from '75-'79. I remember going into the top of the hour you'd fade out of the music, do a live forecast, then hit the AP news. The network had a long alert tone that started at :40 and ran for ten seconds, then a short one right before the cast started. The radio station also had a top of hour tone that actually went out over the air. You did not want to pot up the network before their short alert tone!

Hugh Conoly~ "Beautiful Music'...