Thursday, March 20, 2014

The fall of 1981...

WRJZ had not yet flipped to a country format and featured CP 6-10, Eddie Beacon 10-3, Tim Edwards 3-7, Bob Ziegler 7-12, and Martin Baker 12-6. Dr Don West soon joined as PD and morning DJ and Jessica James was added as afternoon drive...Beacon, Ziegler, and Baker remained in place when the station flipped formats.

Over at WNOX 990 Jay Michaels was PD and the line up was Phil Williams 530-10, Gary Beach 10-2, Bill Evans 2-6, Jim Donovan 6-10, Jeff Shannon 10-2, and James Maurice 2-6. Phil Williams had returned to WNOX from U-102.

WIVK seldom changed on air personalities and all these names are still very well known...Claude Tomlinson 6-10, Bob Thomas 10-3, Ed Brantley 3-7, Mickey Dearstone 7-12, and Terry Womack 12-6.

Speaking of U-102, WMYU, Bill Burkett was PD and the afternoon DJ~ Dr Dave Dunaway 6-10, Mick St John 10-3, Burkett 3-7, Steve Harrison 7-12, and Tom Van Hart 12-6.

Where were you in '81?