Monday, April 07, 2014

101 loves the classic Ktown stories, here's Gabe Hobbs~

...glad to share a few stories. One of my favorites is about Gary Green, our assistant engineer. John Maples was the chief. Both of them had been complaining about the U-Sound van. We had a great van for U-102 but the U-Sound van was a complete piece of junk. U-Sound was our subcarrier Muzak service and we had a separate van to go out to local businesses to set up their systems. The U-Sound van was so bad Gary and John would take it up Shields mountain to the transmitter site. After complaining weekly for months on end they went up the mountain to do some maintenance. On the way down they stopped in the corner of one of the many switchbacks in the road for some unknown reason. When they got out of the van the parking brake magically released sending the van rolling down the dirt road and off of a cliff where it plunged several hundred feet. That van is probably still down in that ravine as there was no way to get it out. They got their new van. To this day the then CEO is convinced Gary did that on purpose. I think the CEO MIGHT be right. But that’s a tough story to sell corporate after you’ve been complaining non-stop about how bad the van is. Oops!!!