Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Good Friday...from a 'Possum!

I was rummaging through a trunk last week and came across a WKGN hit survey (The Official Knox County Survey) that featured a photo of Sonny Knight on the front. Will try to scan and send to you later.

Sonny was one of the finest guys I ever worked with. He and Janice were newlyweds back in 1969 when I encountered him. I'd just been hired at WKGN and drove to Ktown from Wichita (don't ask.) Skip Broussard, the PD who hired me, was off to National Guard camp, another of the jocks was on vacation and this frantic dude was running into the production studio to cut commercials while the music played on the midday jock show he was doing on the air. I asked him where the mic switch was and spent the rest of the day cutting Orange and White Book Store and Cas Walker Supermarkets spots while Sonny did his show. It was the beginning of a great friendship

"Dr. Al Adams" and I visited Sonny a couple of weeks before his death a few years ago. He was unable to talk much by then. Still, the visit was a precious memory of mine, reminding him of his affection for "Hot Fun in the Summertime" by Sly and the Family Stone. I never hear that track without thinking of Sonny.

and the hits just kept on comin',

Paul Randall Dickerson
aka Possum Riley

Radio fans should check of the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame site. Listeners and fans can become associate members of the organization, which presents this year's awards on May 3 in Murfreesboro.

Among the Legacy inductees is Jim Dick, who parlayed a job as a radio time salesman into ownership of a highly successful chain, anchored by WIVK-FM (the frog station).

And from across the dial, "Thanks for hangin' with the Possum on WKGN in 1969-70.