Wednesday, July 09, 2014

from the 101 InBox...

It's always great to hear from the legendary voices of Knoxville radio, TV, production, etc!

"Hey George! I worked at WATO (my first job in radio) doing mornings '68-'69...worked with Joe Vann PD and Eddy Roy. Eddy went to WNOX and I went to 'nam. Came back to WATO in '71 and joined Eddy at WNOX doing midnight to 6a in '72"...Carson King (most of us also remember Carson as "King in the Morning on both WNOX and as the original am drive on WOKI FM 100)

Page 3~ Happy Birthday to fellow Bearden High and Tennessee College of Communications grad John Wilkerson, John is heard afternoons on The Sports Animal!