Sunday, July 20, 2014

This was the main control board when I worked at WIVK in the 70's...we played 45 rpm records and the entire back wall was a book shelf of 33s!

2 microphones for the stereo sound and we even turned on the mic with a foot pedal. Behind that curtain was a wall...

The 45 rpm records that you see were categorized into pic hits, current fast A, current slow B, up and coming fast C, up and coming slow D, and there was a cubby hole for those records exiting those categories but still fairly new.

You see a radio, top right...Booby and a few others did not wear head phones so when the mic turned on he could still hear the music thru that radio.

Not pictured but to the left was a connected table with 2 microphones...Marshall Andy sat there when being interviewed, during Football Finals that was where Tim Priest and Joe Thompson would opine!

We had no required format...balance the categories and stay on the request line~ radio at its best!

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