Friday, August 01, 2014

"Hi George. To clarify a bit, Clifford Jennings is still the owner of WQLA. We have filed to transfer it to my company and are awaiting FCC approval. The station was about a month away from being permanently deleted so I helped Cliff get it back on and then am helping him keep it going until FCC approval. It's just another milestone in my ridiculously expensive hobby of saving dead and dying small town AM's. When this one closes, I will own four. Anyone want one cheap? Plus I still work forty hours a week for South Central soon to be Midwest Communications on the hill in Knoxville. I guess I'm one of the small handful of 70's folks still making a living at this business. Which is good, because I have absolutely no other marketable skills." (Mike Beverly)

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Happy Birthday 2maro to Mike Beach!

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