Friday, August 29, 2014

Remembering Les Acree~

Paul Lyle shares memories of Les with 101...

Former PD at WIVK. WKDA Nashville, WMC Memphis and numerous other stations. Helped Kenny Chesney immensely. Inducted last year into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. Great guy that I worked with at WKDA. Knew every record guy in six states. Big Vol Fan.

I was a sales person at WKDA and Les grabbed me one day and said, “Don’t you have a four door car?” I replied yes I did. “I need you to drive to lunch today. We’re picking up a record guy and he’s got this new singer with him we’re playing her record. Can you drive and you can have lunch with us.”  I said of course sound great. So Les and I drove over to Music Row and the record guy and girl came out and jumped in the back seat. I turned around and she stuck out her hand and said “HiDee I’m Reba McIntyre.” I said Welcome to Nashville and we had lunch. I wonder if she ever made it!!!!!