Saturday, August 16, 2014

The year was 1973 and WKGN was presenting "The History of Rock and Radio"... 

I was a student at Bearden Junior High and already had my eye set on broadcasting for a career. Picture the excitement when the WKGN DJs visited and made this presentation!!! 

Do you remember these disc jockeys? Where are they today?

Page 3...

Did anyone help jump start Your radio career? 4 me it was "Your Dave Young". That summer day back in '76 when I stopped in at WIVK on Bearden Hill to drop off an air check to Bobby Denton, Your Dave happened to be sitting in for Booby. I was escorted back to the control, made my introduction and reacquainting "hello remember me?"...I left my air check and resume, no doubt it was properly delivered as I was soon hired as a weekender at WIVK and YDY took me under his wings!

I've been looking for a better name for our 101 Wall of Fame so (the light bulb went bright), going forward the 101 Wall of Fame will be renamed, in recognition of the one individual who helped a young man's radio dream come's time to vote for the new members~

   The Your Dave Young 101 Wall of Fame